Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Car Rides

It's starting to get cold out, so I haven't been for as many car rides.  I used to go for a lot of rides in the Mommy's car.  She has something called a Pontiac.  It is a big car.  I like it because I have lots of room in the back seat where I can lay down.  I try to be a good dog and lay there, but I can't resist putting my head out the window.

When the Mommy takes me to get my doggy bath, I get to go for a car ride.  I get to go at least every six weeks.  Then, I put my head out the window and let the wind blow me in the face.  It is so much fun.  I put my paws up on the window, and I stick my head out a little.  All the People driving by smile at me.  I can hear them saying sometimes, "Look at that cute little doggy."

We used to take car rides to the dog park, too.  The Mommy only takes me there some times.  If she takes me to get exercise, she likes to go for exercise, too.  That is why she usually takes me to the park.  We went to the park today.  It was windy and chilly.  I'm glad that I had my fur to keep me warm. Still, I couldn't wait to get home and snuggle up with my blanket and my toys.

The Mommy says she may not have the Pontiac for much longer.  She says she is going to buy herself a new car this year.  The Daddy wants her to get something called a Nissan, but she doesn't know what she wants yet.  I just know that I want to be able to go for rides in it.  When the Daddy got his new car, I wasn't allowed to ride in it as much.  He said he was worried that I would get hairs on it. So, I mostly go for car rides in the Mommy's car now.

Whenever I go for car rides, I feel very special.  I know that something special is about to happen for me.  We used to go for long car rides to Iowa to see the Mommy's Mommy and Daddy and their dog, Bubby.  Bubby went to the Rainbow Bridge, though, and I don't see him any more.  We don't go to Iowa, either, for some reason.  Now, I mostly go to the groomer with the Mommy and sometimes she will drive me to the park.  She loves having me around and she calls me her Best Friend.  I'm glad because the Mommy is my best friend, too.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thanks for Turkey Day is Coming!

I am so excited.  One of my favorite holidays is coming up this week.  It's called Thanks for Turkey Day!  I love it so much.  I know it's coming because I saw the Mommy coming back from the store with lots of groceries.  They were the special kind of groceries, too.  I kept sitting there waiting for my treats, and she said, "No, it's not for  you, Manny."  That was my clue, too.  She gets me treats a lot.

What happens on Thanks for Turkey Day?  I will tell you.  First, the Mommy gets up early in the morning.  She gets up early every morning, but she also gets up early on Thanks for Turkey Day. First, she makes some kind of special breakfast.  This year she is going to make banana pancakes with chocolate chunks.  At least that's what I have decided.  I will get my own Manny pancake, but it can't have any chocolate in it.  The Daddy maybe will have some, too.  He has to go to work on Thanks for Turkey Day.  I guess some people like to eat at a restaurant instead of staying home.  I wish they would stay home, so the Daddy can be home with me and my Family.

After breakfast, the Mommy likes to watch this big parade. It is on the TV.  The parade has all kinds of things like singing, dancing, people playing these big horns, horses, and even these giant animals floating through the sky.  The giant animals are kind of scary if you ask me.  One of them is black and white dog like me.  They say he is over 40 stories high.  Oh my goodness!  I hope he never tries to get me.  I might have an accident.  The Mommy loves this parade, and that's is what gets her all excited for Thanks for Turkey Day.

Some time during the parade, the Mommy starts her Thanks for Turkey Day cooking.  This is my favorite part!  I love it when the Mommy cooks.  I always stand right by her just in case she wants to give me a taste of...just about anything.  The Mommy cooks all kinds of yummy foods. She cooks bread, potatoes (I can eat those), cranberries, green beans (never tried one), pineapple, cheese ball, desserts, and, of course, turkey.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!  Sometimes, I get a special treat on Thanks for Turkey Day because the Mommy feels guilty.  She thinks I should get something because the People all get to eat something special.

After all the cooking, the People all get together and eat.  Some years they eat at our house, and then some years they go to other people's houses.  I have been to their houses before, too.  I like their houses.  Before they all eat, they say Thanks for Turkey and other things they are thankful for. I don't know how they do it, because I would be thanking for hours.  I guess, though, I am mostly thankful for the Mommy, the Daddy, my yard, my animal friends, and all of the hugs and kisses and love I get every day.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dingus Jones 00Bones

I have a secret to tell you.  I have a secret identity.  In my spare time, I am a detective.  My name is Dingus Jones 00Bones.  I solve mysteries with clues I sniff out with my nose.  Being a cute little white dog is just my cover up.

This week, I am investigating the Case of the Missing Bone.  The Mommy gave me a bone for a special treat, and it went missing.  I am on a mission to discover where it is hidden, who hid it, and why.

I first looked in the chairs in the living room.  Sometimes, I hide the bones there, because the People would never think to look where they sit.  Except, sometimes, the Mommy and Daddy sit on the bone, and they say, "Manny!" Then, they put the bone in my toy basket.  I looked in the toy basket, and the bone was not there.

Then, I looked behind the chairs.  Sometimes, I put my bones there.  The Mommy usually leaves them until she runs the big scary vacuum that makes a lot of noise.  When she vacuums, she finds my bones and my other toys that are hidden.  She usually puts them back in my toy basket.  If they are really old, though, she throws them in the trash.  I sniffed the trash can and no bone.

Other times, I will hide my bone underneath my bed.  The Mommy made me a bed out of memory foam and she made the cover of it with her own two hands! The Mommy is really smart and can do lots of really neat things.  Sometimes, I put my bone under my bed like I am playing the Prince and the Pea.  I turned my bed over with my nose, and the bone wasn't there, either.

Then, I went upstairs and looked in the Mommy and the Daddy's bedroom.  I like to take my toys up there, too.  That way I know that they are very safe.  I put them by my blanket or behind the big chair. I looked there, and there was no bone.

I went back downstairs and started sniffing around the living room.  I knew the bone was there.  But, where was it.  I couldn't see it anywhere.  Then, the Mommy came in the living room and sat down in the chair to read a book.  I remembered where I put it.  It was UNDER the Mommy's chair.  I solved the mystery. And, I got a tasty treat when I solved it!