Sunday, August 6, 2017

I Am So Busy!

Oh my goodness! I have had such a busy summer.  Who knew that having a new sister and a new house would take up so much of my time.  You see, I have to teach my new sister to be a good doggie for the people, just like I am.  I have to teach her my doggie ways and show her how to tell when she has to go potty, when she is sleepy, and when she is hungry.  I show her who the good people are and who the strangers are that we should bark at.  A few minutes ago, I was showing her how to get the stuffing out of the toys the Mommy bought us for being good dogs at the groomer.  The Mommy then taught her that was not a nice thing to do and put the toy away.

My new sister, Mosie, is a good dog, but she isn't as smart as me.  I think it's because she is so young. She is too busy playing instead of paying attention.  As soon as she wakes up in the morning, she wants to play with me.  Sometimes, I get grump with her because I just want to take a nap.  Then, I convince her that it is nap time, and we take naps together.  I show her the best blankets to sleep on.

We have all kinds of fun adventures together, too.  We play with our toys in the living room.  Then, we play tug of war with the toys.  The Mommy and the Daddy used to play that game with me, so now I am teaching it to Mosie.  We also play up and down the stairs and around the furniture.  We play that game until the Mommy says, "Dogs!" Sometimes, the Mommy will clap her hands and make a loud noise.  Other times, she will say, "That's enough!" I know that means for Mosie and me to go lay down because we are about to get into trouble. 

We have adventures in the yard, together, too.  One time, I found a nest of baby rabbits.  The Mommy made me leave it alone and go in the house.  She told me that I wasn't allowed to play with them or chase them until they were older.  I had other plans.  The People went on vacation, though, and took Mosie and I with them.  They took us to a place called a cabin at a lake.  It was camping.  In case you don't know what camping is, we went to stay in a really small house.  It had a kitchen and a living room all together in one room.  Then, there was a bathroom.  There was a bedroom for the Mommy and the Daddy and there was a loft, which is a bedroom up a ladder, for the Boy to sleep at.  Mosie and I slept with the Mommy and the Daddy.  We went for lots of walks at the cabin.  That is how we went potty.  We had to be on our leashes all the time outside.  

The camping was pretty tiring, so my sister and I also took a lot of naps.  She likes to lay by me, and that's okay with me.  She is always a good girl when she is sleeping. 

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