Sunday, August 6, 2017

I Am So Busy!

Oh my goodness! I have had such a busy summer.  Who knew that having a new sister and a new house would take up so much of my time.  You see, I have to teach my new sister to be a good doggie for the people, just like I am.  I have to teach her my doggie ways and show her how to tell when she has to go potty, when she is sleepy, and when she is hungry.  I show her who the good people are and who the strangers are that we should bark at.  A few minutes ago, I was showing her how to get the stuffing out of the toys the Mommy bought us for being good dogs at the groomer.  The Mommy then taught her that was not a nice thing to do and put the toy away.

My new sister, Mosie, is a good dog, but she isn't as smart as me.  I think it's because she is so young. She is too busy playing instead of paying attention.  As soon as she wakes up in the morning, she wants to play with me.  Sometimes, I get grump with her because I just want to take a nap.  Then, I convince her that it is nap time, and we take naps together.  I show her the best blankets to sleep on.

We have all kinds of fun adventures together, too.  We play with our toys in the living room.  Then, we play tug of war with the toys.  The Mommy and the Daddy used to play that game with me, so now I am teaching it to Mosie.  We also play up and down the stairs and around the furniture.  We play that game until the Mommy says, "Dogs!" Sometimes, the Mommy will clap her hands and make a loud noise.  Other times, she will say, "That's enough!" I know that means for Mosie and me to go lay down because we are about to get into trouble. 

We have adventures in the yard, together, too.  One time, I found a nest of baby rabbits.  The Mommy made me leave it alone and go in the house.  She told me that I wasn't allowed to play with them or chase them until they were older.  I had other plans.  The People went on vacation, though, and took Mosie and I with them.  They took us to a place called a cabin at a lake.  It was camping.  In case you don't know what camping is, we went to stay in a really small house.  It had a kitchen and a living room all together in one room.  Then, there was a bathroom.  There was a bedroom for the Mommy and the Daddy and there was a loft, which is a bedroom up a ladder.  Mosie and I slept with the Mommy and the Daddy.  We went for lots of walks at the cabin.  That is how we went potty.  We had to be on our leashes all the time outside.  

The camping was pretty tiring, so my sister and I also took a lot of naps.  She likes to lay by me, and that's okay with me.  She is always a good girl when she is sleeping. 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Pet Dog Skippy by Guest Pet Video Verify

Having grown up in a small town in the South, I knew unquestionably what it felt like to have a pet to be a companion and to give the owner lots of love.  My sister and I were continuously allowed to have a pet even though we were only allowed to have one pet at the time.  During those early years we had no television; therefore, we only had a small radio to help entertain us.  There were many kids in the neighborhood to play with at times, but we still needed a real companion.  This is when pets became so important.  They were provided to entertain us as well as give us never ending love.  Our pets were not allowed to come in our house, and this encouraged us to spend more time playing outside allowing us to get much needed exercise to keep us healthy, keep pets healthy by clicking here.  These pets were absolutely precious to us.  We would have been terribly upset if one of them had wandered away from home and not been located to return home.  The importance of having reliable ways of locating our animals has always been crucial.

     I remember a dog we had named Skippy.  He was a happy dog and loved us with endearing love.  We were outside playing with Skippy when he found a bone from somewhere.  We did not give our dogs small chicken bones as they could choke on one.  All of a sudden Skippy began choking on the bone.  I panicked, but my sister put her hand in his mouth and pulled the bone from his throat.  Needless to say this dog loved my sister more than me after this incident.  He became very protective of her, keep your pets information online by clicking here.  Later Skippy was able to repay my sister for her good deed to save his life.  My cousin and his family from New Jersey was visiting my grandparents one summer.  My grandparents lived down the street from us, and we were playing in the yard along with our dog.  My cousin was approximately three years of age. All of a sudden my sister who was younger than me was sitting on a tricycle when my cousin had a hammer in his hand and was getting ready to hit her in the head from the back.  Skippy saw this and immediately jumped on my cousin knocking the hammer from his hand.  Everyone was very proud of Skippy and knew that he possibly saved her life or from a bad injury.  My parents were exceedingly happy that Skippy was our pet.  He continued to be with us faithfully until his death.  Skippy was one of my pets that I always remembered the most throughout the years.  Part was because of his heroic action and part was his love for his entire family. He was a true friend to all of us.  Skippy would have loved for us to been able to submit and watch funny pet videos here and post cute pet photos for everyone to see here.  Many times when I see people with their pets, I wonder how many had actually help save a life.  Pets help save lives in many ways especially the elderly.  They can prolong their lives and helps prevent depression. These are the reasons they are welcomed to visit in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and retirement homes.  Please someone help us find a better way to find our lost pets, like at this website.

Monday, July 10, 2017

I Have A New Sister!

Hi everybody!  I have been super busy this month.  I got a new sister.  Her name is Mosie Moiselle. She came from a place called the shelter.  She was adopted by the Mommy and the Daddy.  When she first came to our house, she was really excited, but she also didn't feel good.  Right away, she had to get the spayed surgery.  She was sore and laid around a lot the first few days.  I thought, wow, the Mommy and Daddy got another dog who is good at napping like me.

Once she had her stitches out after the spayed surgery, I started seeing what she was really like.  She is  a lot of fun.  She and I play a lot.  I could play with her for hours.  I can hardly believe there was a time that I didn't have a sister.  I feel like it's my job to teach her the ways of our family and also to make her feel welcome.  She has been fitting right in, and we all love her a lot.

She and I share a lot, too.  I try to share my toys with her.  She will play with one end of my stuffed animal, and I will play with the other.  I try to play ball with her, but her mouth is too small to fit around it.  We run and play in the yard.  I think she is making me feel a lot younger.

Even inside, we play and do things together.  She eats out of my bowl, and I eat out of hers.  We know just how much the other dog needs to eat.  If we need to get the Mommy for anything, we both go together. She likes to be around the Mommy a lot, too.  I think it is because she and the Mommy are the only girls in the house.

Today, we saw a rabbit in the yard, and my new sister chased her out of the yard.  I think the rabbit was almost as big as Mosie!  It was exciting.  Mosie is kind of silly, though. She kept trying to chase the rabbit even after it disappeared under the fence.  After we were done playing, the Mommy took us in the house, and now Mosie and I are sleeping by each other on the couch.  I am so glad she came into my life!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

I Love the Daddy!

The Daddy does so much for me that I don't even know where to begin.  This morning the Daddy got up and took my new sister and I outside to go potty.  Oh, did I forget to tell you?  The Daddy got me a new sister!  I have always wanted a sister and another doggy in the house.  Now, I have one.  Her name is Mosie Moiselle.  I'm not showing any pictures of her right now because she is wearing the cone.  She has to wear it because she had the spayed surgery.  I remember when I got neutered.  The Mommy and the Daddy took me to see the doggy doctor.  When I woke up, part of me was missing.  I still look for it sometimes.

I know the Daddy will be a good Daddy to my new sister, because he is a good Daddy to me. Before I went to the groomer, the Daddy used to clip my toenails.  I would sit on his lap, and he would clip them.  The Mommy wouldn't do it.  The Mommy would give me my baths, though.  The Daddy also takes me running once in a while.  I think that is why I am such a fast running dog.  When the Mommy and Daddy take me to the dog park, I can outrun almost all the dogs there.  The Daddy laughs and laughs.  I love to hear the Daddy laugh and to see him smile.  I will act silly sometimes just to see a smile on his face.  

Another thing the Daddy does is he protects me from storms.  Last night, there was a big, bad thunderstorm where we live.  It was so bad it broke some trees, and dogs know that trees are very strong.  When it was storming, I snuggled right up next to the Daddy.  He was calm and watching TV. Because he was calm, I knew that I was safe.  I know that with the Daddy and the Mommy around that I will always be safe from storms.  

One of my favorite parts of the day is when I wake up and see the Daddy's face.  He says, "Hey, Manny."  I pretend to still be asleep so that he will play with me.  Then, once he starts saying, "Manny, Manny" and rubbing my belly, I do my stretchies.  All of a sudden, I will jump up and say, "Hello Daddy and Hello World!"  I love waking up every morning and seeing the Daddy and the Mommy.  I also love it when the Daddy comes home from work, so I can tell him all about my day. I jump on him and run around the house to show him just how excited I am to see him every day. 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

How Much Dogs Love Their People

Hi everybody! I'm back today.  I had to take a little break.  I have had a lot going on in my doggy world.  First of all, the People got a new house.  That means I got a new yard to play in, too. I have been super busy out exploring my new yards and all the secrets it holds.  I am getting to know the neighbor dogs, too, and chasing the birds.  Birds are so silly. They fly away like they think I am going to eat them.  I'm like, "Hey, Birds, don't you know if I wanted to eat you I would have by now?" They just fly away. My favorite part about my new yard is that it has a fence.  That means that I can play in the yard without wearing my leash. I can run all over the yard and feel free.

I am so happy that the People got me this yard and this new house to live in.  I know they got it just for me, too. I have so much space, and I don't have to hear the neighbors talking in my house. Plus, our new house never smells like smoke all the time, either.  It mostly smells like flowers, food, and cleaning spray.

I like to show the people how thankful I am for my new house.  I give the Mommy and the Daddy cuddles and kisses all the time.  I love snuggling up with them.  One time, the Mommy was laying down, and I licked her forehead.  She thought it was funny.  Sometimes, I put the soft part of my paw on the Mommy's face to let her know that I am there for her.  I love her so much that I don't even let my nails touch her because I don't want to leave a scratch mark on her face.  Another time, I pet the Mommy's hair like she does to me.  Her hair is really long and really soft.  I know I helped her look pretty, just like she helps me look nice when she brushes me.

I'm sorry I am getting distracted now. I got out one of my tennis balls, and I am trying to get the Mommy to play with me.  The ball is stuck under the Mommy's chair, so now I am going to have to try to figure out how to get it out.  I am a smart dog, though, so I know I can do it. I hope everyone else has a great day! I know I will have a fun one in my new yard!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

It's the Mommy's Day!

Today is a day called Mommy's Day!  It is all over the United States.  Every single State in the country has Mommy's Day.  The People who live by the ocean, the mountains and even in the desert are celebrating Mommy's Day. 

I spent most of my day today with the Mommy. The Mommy and I slept in really late today.  She didn't even get up until 10:30 in the morning.  That's not like her.  She usually wakes up really early like at 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning.  Then, she lays in bed and checks her phone or waits for the Daddy to wake up. After the Mommy woke up, she went outside and drank her coffee.  I played with her for a little while. I like playing with the Mommy because she laughs and makes things fun.  The Mommy likes to do things outside and likes to play with my toys with me.  We always have a blast together!

After we played outside, the Mommy took a really long bath. She listened to music while she took a bath. She said it was really relaxing.  I'm glad because the Mommy works hard at home all the time. She does a lot at home even though some People may not realize it.  She has to cook breakfast and dinner, do the laundry, wash the dishes, take out the trash, clean the house, take care of me, take care of the Daddy, and all of these other little things that I can't even remember. The Mommy is a busy lady.  Then, she has her job, too.  This week she had days off from her "job", but she still had to do her job at home.  I'm glad she had a relaxing bath.

After her bath, the Mommy played a game on her phone and cleaned up around the house.  That's what she does.  Even when she tries relaxing, she still has to do something at home. It's like she just can't sit still until everything is just right. Now, the Mommy is helping me write about how much I love her and how special she is to me.  I love spending time with her.  I have had a good time having the Mommy all to myself today.

Tonight, the Mommy said she is going to make herself pork chops for dinner!  I love pork chops...but the Mommy and the Daddy won't let me have any.  They always tell me that I am not allowed to eat pork.  She is also going to make mashed potatoes and corn.  It's one of my favorite meals, and one of the Mommy's favorite meals, too.  Maybe she will let me have some...but I doubt it.  Still, getting to sit beside the Mommy while she is here today and spending time with her is the best part.  I love the Mommy so much, and I am so thankful and grateful for all she does for me.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

I'm A Busy Dog

Hey, everybody!  I have been so busy that I forgot to write last week.  In case you didn't know it, last weekend was my birthday!  It was the same day as tax day.  I'm not a tax deduction, though, because I'm not a real boy.  The People always treat me like I am a big part of the family, though.

I didn't do anything really special on my birthday this year.  Instead, I am doing a lot of little special things after my birthday.  I have been getting to go for car rides, taking walks, playing with other dogs, playing with the Mommy and the Daddy.  There is a lot going on for me.

The day after my birthday was Easter.  That is the day that we celebrate Jesus and the Easter Bunny. I'm not really sure what the Easter Bunny has to do with Jesus.  I'm confused about that one.  I also am wondering why the Easter Bunny has eggs in his basket.  That is strange to me.  Anyway, I tried to catch the Easter Bunny.  I woke up bright and early.  I thought I even heard him coming into my house.  I ran downstairs as fast as I could.  The Mommy was even laughing at me. When I got to the kitchen where I thought the Easter Bunny was, guess what I found? The Daddy taking things out of bags that the Mommy gets from the store.  I was like, "Where is the Easter Bunny?" The Mommy just laughed at me.

The rest of the week I have been busy, too, because it is Spring Time.  Spring is an important time for me.  I walk around and play outside, and it's time for the animals in the neighborhood to say "hello" to each other.  We don't get to see each other as much in the winter.  Some of the cats and dogs don't come out when it is cold.  We also got a new girl dog in our neighborhood.  She is super cute.  It made me want a little brother or sister even more.  I have been dreaming about having a play mate.

The Mommy and the Daddy have always taken really good care of me and loved me lots.  They make me feel so special and like I am such a great part of the family.  Every morning, I get to see their faces first thing.  At night time, I even take my toys to the People's bed. That way, I can give the toys to the People if they need something to snuggle with.

Today, we had lots of visitors.  I get really excited and bark.  I always think everyone is coming here just to play with me.  The Mommy says, "of course, they are!"