Sunday, December 18, 2016

Mother Nature is Mean!

I heard there is a Mommy that is bigger than all the Mommies in the world.  Her name is Mother Nature.  She is the Mommy over the whole entire earth!  That is a big deal.  She is in charge of all of the animals, the forests, the trees, the grass, the butterflies, and the weather.  I always thought she was a nice lady, but today I think she is mean.

Here is why Mother Nature is mean.  Last night, when I went outside to go potty, it was snowing really hard.  It was blowing right in my face. They look like little snowflakes to the People, but they were big to me. Some of those snowflakes hit me right in the face.  I had to keep blinking just to keep the snow out of my eyes.  The ground was getting frozen, too.  It was so cold.  That's one time I really hate being a dog...when I have to do my business outside.  Fortunately, I was able to get nice and warm and toasty by the fire when I came in.  The Daddy is amazing and makes fires in the fireplace. I love the fires.  I sit in front of them and get all warm.  In fact, right now, I am watching him make one.

This morning, Mother Nature was even meaner.  She must have been in  really bad mood last night.  I waited to go outside to potty until really late, and it was super cold outside.  The ground was frozen and the Mommy at my house said the temperature was below zero.  I'm not really sure what that means, except that it's so cold that my fur was getting frozen when I went potty.  There was snow on the ground so my paws got wet.  I was shaking so bad that I could hardly go to the bathroom.  The Mommy set a timer for 2 minutes on the clock to make sure I wasn't outside very long.  I came back inside before the 2 minutes were even up.  It was scary cold.

Mother Nature must be feeling a little better today, though.  The sun is starting to shine and everything looks pretty again.  No more sideways snow blowing in my face.  That was mean.  I think she gets unhappy because sometimes people forget that Mother Nature is in charge of the earth, and they don't take care of what she gives them.  I like all the trees and flowers, and snow, too....especially when it starts melting!

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Neighborhood Dogs

I am so lucky! I have so many great dogs that are neighbors. I  like the other dogs who live on our street.  There are a lot of cute little dogs.  One ran right by our door one day.  The Mommy saw her run by, and the Mommy followed her all the way up the street to see where she lived.  The other People said the Mommy is a good neighbor.

We have some good neighbors.  A lot of them have dogs, and I am friends with the dogs.  I pretty much like all the dogs in our neighborhood.  I even played with big dogs, like a labrador.

Some of the neighbors don't have dogs. Sometimes, little kids will try to pet me.  They always tell the Mommy that I am cute. When they come up to pet me, I hide behind the Mommy.  I admit I am kind of scared of little kids.  If they are really careful and the Mommy shows me they are safe, I will let them pet me.  Little kids can be scary to me because I don't know what they are going to do. If they move really slowly and are gentle, I know that I can trust them.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Think Like a Dog!

The other day I heard this song playing on the radio, and they kept saying "Walk Like a Man."  I thought it was silly.  What else is a man going to walk like if he doesn't walk like a man? A cat? A squirrel? A rabbit? The People are weird sometimes with the things they say and do.

Here is one thing that the People do all the time. The People use their computers for work and for fun and to send messages with each other.  I think it is cool that they can use their computers to work and to send messages back and forth.  We dogs do that, too.  It's just that our communication styles have been developed over thousands of years, so people don't understand it as quickly.  Sometimes, I communicate with the neighbor dog just by the way I lift my leg when I pee.  Or a little sniff I give her.  I communicate with the cats with a look or a nudge of my head.  I hate to say it, but cats are smart, too.  But, we dogs are a lot better communicators.  We can even understand human-speak and try to make our communication match theirs.  That's how smart we are.

Anyway, back to what I was saying about the computers.  The People use them all the time.  The Mommy uses her computer all the time.  She even uses it to help me write this blog.  She works on it a lot of hours during the day, too.  She sits at her desk.  Sometimes, I hit her hand or arm with my paw and say, "Play with me, not the computer." Sometimes, I come sit by her.  I think she is lonely, so I go sit by her.  That's one way people need to think more like dogs.  If they see someone else sitting by herself, they should go sit by her.  The People don't want to admit it, but they are pack animals, too.  Just like us dogs.  None of the People likes to be alone.  That's why they have cities and houses to live in.  They need to be together.

The People use their computers to play, too.   I have a Twitter, and my dog friends are never mean to me. Everyone just plays and has fun.  My Twitter is @MannyRatTerrier. Some dogs tell about their troubles, and some doggies share pictures, and some doggies just talk.  But, we all get along.  The People need to think and act more like dogs.  They shouldn't be mean to people on Fakebook and the Twitter.

I heard some of the People even try to pretend to be other People.  That's weird to me.  I could never pretend to be another dog.  All dogs have their own special smells.  So, let's say one of these two schnauzer brothers from down the street try to trick me, I won't be fooled.  I will know which one is which just by sniffing him.  Sometimes, you can smell them even if you don't get close.  The People are the same way.  They have their own smells.  And, just so the People know, they stink a lot, too. They use so many perfumes, and they all get mixed together. Then, they eat food.  The People are weird.  I have to admit, though, I would like to smell like bacon more.  And, I like to roll in the grass to get the grass smell all over me.  Then, the Mommy says, "Oh, Manny! You stink!" I just do my little doggy laugh.

I could go on and on and talk about how the People should think more like dogs.  But, I've already had my "Hello, World" wake up time and ate my breakfast.  That means it's time for my morning nap.