Monday, July 31, 2017

Pet Dog Skippy by Guest Pet Video Verify

Having grown up in a small town in the South, I knew unquestionably what it felt like to have a pet to be a companion and to give the owner lots of love.  My sister and I were continuously allowed to have a pet even though we were only allowed to have one pet at the time.  During those early years we had no television; therefore, we only had a small radio to help entertain us.  There were many kids in the neighborhood to play with at times, but we still needed a real companion.  This is when pets became so important.  They were provided to entertain us as well as give us never ending love.  Our pets were not allowed to come in our house, and this encouraged us to spend more time playing outside allowing us to get much needed exercise to keep us healthy, keep pets healthy by clicking here.  These pets were absolutely precious to us.  We would have been terribly upset if one of them had wandered away from home and not been located to return home.  The importance of having reliable ways of locating our animals has always been crucial.

     I remember a dog we had named Skippy.  He was a happy dog and loved us with endearing love.  We were outside playing with Skippy when he found a bone from somewhere.  We did not give our dogs small chicken bones as they could choke on one.  All of a sudden Skippy began choking on the bone.  I panicked, but my sister put her hand in his mouth and pulled the bone from his throat.  Needless to say this dog loved my sister more than me after this incident.  He became very protective of her, keep your pets information online by clicking here.  Later Skippy was able to repay my sister for her good deed to save his life.  My cousin and his family from New Jersey was visiting my grandparents one summer.  My grandparents lived down the street from us, and we were playing in the yard along with our dog.  My cousin was approximately three years of age. All of a sudden my sister who was younger than me was sitting on a tricycle when my cousin had a hammer in his hand and was getting ready to hit her in the head from the back.  Skippy saw this and immediately jumped on my cousin knocking the hammer from his hand.  Everyone was very proud of Skippy and knew that he possibly saved her life or from a bad injury.  My parents were exceedingly happy that Skippy was our pet.  He continued to be with us faithfully until his death.  Skippy was one of my pets that I always remembered the most throughout the years.  Part was because of his heroic action and part was his love for his entire family. He was a true friend to all of us.  Skippy would have loved for us to been able to submit and watch funny pet videos here and post cute pet photos for everyone to see here.  Many times when I see people with their pets, I wonder how many had actually help save a life.  Pets help save lives in many ways especially the elderly.  They can prolong their lives and helps prevent depression. These are the reasons they are welcomed to visit in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and retirement homes.  Please someone help us find a better way to find our lost pets, like at this website.

Monday, July 10, 2017

I Have A New Sister!

Hi everybody!  I have been super busy this month.  I got a new sister.  Her name is Mosie Moiselle. She came from a place called the shelter.  She was adopted by the Mommy and the Daddy.  When she first came to our house, she was really excited, but she also didn't feel good.  Right away, she had to get the spayed surgery.  She was sore and laid around a lot the first few days.  I thought, wow, the Mommy and Daddy got another dog who is good at napping like me.

Once she had her stitches out after the spayed surgery, I started seeing what she was really like.  She is  a lot of fun.  She and I play a lot.  I could play with her for hours.  I can hardly believe there was a time that I didn't have a sister.  I feel like it's my job to teach her the ways of our family and also to make her feel welcome.  She has been fitting right in, and we all love her a lot.

She and I share a lot, too.  I try to share my toys with her.  She will play with one end of my stuffed animal, and I will play with the other.  I try to play ball with her, but her mouth is too small to fit around it.  We run and play in the yard.  I think she is making me feel a lot younger.

Even inside, we play and do things together.  She eats out of my bowl, and I eat out of hers.  We know just how much the other dog needs to eat.  If we need to get the Mommy for anything, we both go together. She likes to be around the Mommy a lot, too.  I think it is because she and the Mommy are the only girls in the house.

Today, we saw a rabbit in the yard, and my new sister chased her out of the yard.  I think the rabbit was almost as big as Mosie!  It was exciting.  Mosie is kind of silly, though. She kept trying to chase the rabbit even after it disappeared under the fence.  After we were done playing, the Mommy took us in the house, and now Mosie and I are sleeping by each other on the couch.  I am so glad she came into my life!