Sunday, August 14, 2016

I'm Smart Too!

A lot of people come up to me and say, "Oh, Manny, you are so funny.  I love your blog. I like following you on Twitter." I just smile and say, "I know."  The Daddy is always telling the Mommy that he likes my blog.

I have a secret to tell you.  The Mommy is the real one who writes for me.  Her name is Jeanette. She is so funny and smart, too.  She can tell just what I am thinking, and she loves to tell about everything I am doing.  I am her favorite pet! I know because I also am the only pet, too.

The Mommy is really smart.  She went to school a lot of years after high school. She reads a lot and studies just for fun. She is always learning new things and coming up with new ideas every day.  The Mommy makes sure she learns all kinds of things about life.  She even gets up early so she can study when it is quiet.  She reads a lot of books about a lot of different things.

The Mommy tells me I am smart all the time, too.  I try to be.  I learn lots of tricks like "shake my bootie", "twist", and "jump." I know to put my toys down by the door before I go outside.  I also know what the Mommy's signals mean, like tapping her leg or the side of the couch mean for me to come. Sometimes, she only has to snap her fingers and point.  Without her saying anything, I know exactly what she means.

I saw on TV and on the internet that Rat Terriers are really smart dogs.  We are easy to train.  That is true.  I will do just about anything, except roll over.  I don't like to roll over.  That's what all dogs do. I have to do something different.

I study hard every day, too.  When the Mommy reads or watches TV, I try to read what she is reading. She spends a lot of time on the computer, though, doing her work.  Sometimes I sit on her lap while she is doing it.  It makes me smarter, because I can see what she is doing.  When she works too long, though, I put my paw on her hand and say, "Pay attention to me, not the computer."  Sometimes, she will say, "Mommy's busy." If she isn't busy, she will take a break and play with me.

I am hoping I can be as smart as the Mommy someday and get a masters in something.  I think mine will be a Masters in Cuteness. So, then I will be Manny, MC.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Mornings with the Mommy

It's Monday morning, and I get to spend time with the Mommy. It's so quiet on Monday mornings. I do whatever the Mommy takes me to do.  Today, I woke up and went downstairs with the Daddy.  As soon as the Mommy woke up, though, she gave me a treat.  She always does that.  Then, she let me outside to go potty.  I went outside, but I stayed close to the house because it was raining.

When I came back inside, she gave me my breakfast.  She puts a little bit of cheese on it so that I will it. I am so picky that I won't eat my breakfast otherwise.  I like things the way I like them. I guess it's because I am a spoiled-y-kins, as the Mommy likes to say.

Then, I like to go take a nap. Sometimes, the Mommy tucks me in my blanket with my toy.  It's so awesome and snuggly.  She calls me her furry child. It's funny I keep calling her the Mommy, though, because I am now older than dog years that is. I am now 56 years old.  It's funny. I still feel like a puppy most days.

Since it's raining today, I will probably stay inside and take a lot of naps.  Maybe the Mommy will turn the TV on for me later. I love to watch TV, especially any shows with dogs in them or animal planet.  My favorite shows are about dogs.  When they use fake dog barking on TV, I can tell. When they use a real dog bark, I perk my ears up and do a little "woof".

The Mommy sits at her desk working and writing. In case you didn't know, she is my ghost writer. She also does a lot of reading and cleans the house.  During the school year, she makes breakfast and dinner every day.  For lunch, she usually makes herself leftovers.  Sometimes, she sits out on the patio with me in the sunshine.  Not today though. Today it is raining, and I am sleeping and snuggling.