Wednesday, February 25, 2015

On Why I'm A Silly-Kins

I hope everyone remembers me.  I'm Manny, the Rat Terrier.  I haven't written in my blog for a long time.  I have been really busy.  You know how it is. I have to spend time playing with my toys, snuggling with the Mommy, snuggling with the Daddy, taking walks, playing with the dog next door, and basically being Manny.  It's pretty exhausting.  Then, of course, I have to spend time being what the Mommy calls being silly.

I am silly.  I like being silly.  And, I really like it when the Mommy and Daddy call me a silly-kins. When I'm silly, I make them laugh and smile, and they hug me.  Right now, I am doing something silly.  I am standing, not sitting, on the Mommy's lap while I write this.  Sometimes, I stand like this for 20 minutes, just looking around the room and taking everything in.

One of my other fun silly tricks is to get under the blankets and then walk around the house with a blanket on my head.  When I do that, I'm pretending that I am super sneaky and invisible.  All the People think that it is super funny.  I also like to lay down under the blankets with my stuffed "baby" and lay my head on the pillow like the people do.  They think that is super funny, too.  I think it's super comfy.

One of the other silly things I do is find things I like and hide them in my den.  My den is under the love seat in the living room where the Mommy sits.  I usually put my balls, toys, and bones there.  Sometimes I hide pens and candy wrappers there, too.  The Mommy doesn't like it when I do that.  I also sometimes bring things in from outside and put them there, too.  I had a secret stash of acorns and leaves for a while until the Mommy found them and threw them in the trash!  I was sad.  I tried giving her my saddest "please don't do it" doggy face, but she threw them away anyway.

I should get going now.  It's time for my daily nap.  I want the Mommy to tuck in me in while I sleep until lunch time, and she does her cleaning.