Thursday, January 27, 2011

What I Did Today...

I wish I had a great adventure story for you today.  I don't.  I pretty much laid around all day.  The Mommy put my orange sweater on me, and I took a nap most of the morning.  I went outside for a little while.  When it was time to come in, I played the "I'm caught on something" game.  I pretended my leash was caught on a bunch of snow.  Since the snow was melting today, that game didn't last for very long.  The Mommy just let me in and said her usual, "Manny, you are so funny." 

I came back in for a while and took a nap some more.  When the Mommy made some cookies, I tried to get some from her.  I waited and waited for her to drop some on the floor.  She didn't.  Instead, she told me it wasn't for doggies.  Why not?  She did at least give me some treats.  I love the treats.  I do whatever I have to do for them.  I stand, I walk on my back legs like the People do, I do a twist in the air, I jump, I sit...and I don't move. 

I did learn that I am ticklish today.  The Mommy pet me behind my front leg, and I couldn't help but smile really big.  Then, she did it on the other side.  I tried not to smile, but I did anyway.  I liked it.  I even made a little noise like a laugh.  Then, the People talked to me for a while and threw the tennis ball for me to catch.  Now, I am getting ready for another nap.  It was a great day.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Love My Toys!

I like to play with my toys.  They are so much fun.  Right now, I am playing with my giraffe...what's left of it.  When I first got the giraffe, it had these annoying squeaking things. I dug and dug on it until I finally got rid of those squeaking things.  I put them behind My Chair, so they wouldn't bother me anymore.  Giraffe is great because he had these ears that I chewed on.  It felt good to me.  The ears are gone now. Giraffe has a few holes, but he is still soft.  Plus, he is great for me to toss around.  I can toss him in the air, and he lands by me.  At night, I can snuggle with him on my bed.  I put my arms around him.  What can I say, he is almost as good as a teddy bear.

My favorite toy is my tennis ball.  It gives me hours of fun.  I toss it up in the air and try to catch it in my mouth.  I push it with my foot and then chase it across the living room.  Sometimes, I throw it into the kitchen so I can slide across the rug on the kitchen floor.  I pretend it is my magic carpet.  It's really fun.  I also give it to the People so they can throw it across the room.  Then, I run and get it and take it right back to them.  I also play a game with them where I get in position to catch the ball.  When I do that, I pretend it is a baseball and I am the player, "Manny Ramirez".  I also like to roll around with my ball.  It gives me a nice little massage.  I like my tennis ball so much that I sleep with it at night, too. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Manny, The Dog Nanny!

I know that you think I have it made.  I get to lay around all day, eat my dog food, sleep, play with my toys, and pretty much do whatever I want.  That is true, but I also have a lot of work to do with these People.  I pretty much babysit the People every day.  In the morning, I wake them up, so they can feed me and let me outside.  Then, I have to watch them while they make their breakfast to make sure they are doing it right.  Once in a while, they will "accidentally" drop something on the floor, and I eat it.  I am trying to help them out by not making them sweep it up. 

After breakfast, I make sure they get their exercise in by bringing them the ball or other toys to play with.  This helps them because they throw the ball to me, bend over and get it and get pretty worked out by playing with me.  I am the best playmate, ever! Then, when it is work time, I lay down and watch them until I am sure they are working.  When it is time for a break, I let them know. 

I also let them know when it is lunch and dinner time and make sure they do what they are supposed to do then.  When the People come home, I run and jump on them so they feel loved.  People sure need a lot of attention!  After dinner, I play with them some more.  Sometimes, I will snuggle with them or play with them.  I usually snuggle with the one that needs me the most.  When it is time for bed, I wait until they go to sleep and then I curl up in my blanket.  I sleep really well at night because the People are simply exhausting.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Why Is It Still Snowing?

I have to admit to you...the last few days have not been the most fun of my life.  It snowed so much that when I sat down to do my business I actually sank in the snow!  The snow is higher than my legs.  I tried making the most of it by running and jumping in it, but that resulted in coldness.  I even went outside to follow the Daddy while he used a big machine to move the snow.  After about a minute of that, I decided it was enough and went back inside where it was warm.  I jumped on the Mommy and let her know that I wanted my sweater on right now!

I would like to make a statement how I think it is unfair that I have to do my business outside.  The People do their business inside.  They do it in something called a toilet bowl.  I think this is gross!  I thought bowls were for drinking out of...not doing your business in.  I have to do my business in a snow drift.  I want to tell you that it is not fun.  It would be like a person sitting on a bucket of ice to do their business.  When I am done, I come back in the house and let the People know that I am not happy with them by pushing them out of my chair and running around the living room really fast.  I can't wait until summer so I can go to the lake and chase birds and butterflies.

Monday, January 17, 2011

About Napping

Napping is an art.  I know a lot of dogs and people think they are great nappers, but I have them beat.  I have developed napping to an art form.  There is a certain way, certain time, and even a certain place to nap.  Napping is important so I get my rest and look good for the ladies.  This is how I nap.

In the morning, I nap right after breakfast.  I wait for the Mommy to feed me, I go do my business, then I come in and take a nap while she does her exercise and cleaning.  Watching her makes me sleepy. So, I go lay on My Chair and take a nap.  When I am done, I do my little stretch to let her know that I am ready for a treat.

At lunch time, I do the same thing.  Only this time, I pull a blanket down off the back of the couch with my teeth, gather a couple of pillows, circle around the blanket and the pillows until I find the right spot, and take a good nap.  I know I am getting a good nap in if I start dreaming about chasing butterflies, running at the lake, or taking a walk at the park.  You can usually tell if my nap is good because my legs start moving.  Sometimes, I even snore a little.  I'm not embarrassed, dreaming and snoring are part of a good nap. 

At night, the People are home.  I snuggle up next to them and act like I want them to pet me.  Then, I lay my head on their lap and roll over for them to rub my tummy.  While they are rubbing my tummy, I close my eyes and go to sleep.  Now, I am all warm and relaxed.  Sometimes, I try to push them out of the way so I can get into their blanket, too, but usually the People won't move.  They pat my head and tell me how cute I am.  I think to myself, "I know," and then I go back to sleep.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yes, Dogs are Smart...

I have to get involved in this debate of whether or not dogs are smarter than cats.  A lot of cats will tell you that we dogs are dumb.  We do whatever our "Master" tells us to do, we go outside to do our business, we jump around the People and act all happy.  Listen, dogs act happy because they are happy.  Here is the reason.  Dogs are not dumb!  We are Kings and Queens in our houses.  I am definitely the King of my house. 

When the People come home, the first thing they do is let me outside to use the bathroom.  Cats have to go in a box and then hide it. Then, the People clean up my doo on the sidewalk.  People clean up cats doo after it has been there for a while.  Not right away.  How many times have you seen someone taking a cat for a walk? Hardly ever. 

Then, when I come back inside, the People feed me and give me water.  After I am done eating, I bring my ball to them, and they play with me.  I tell them what to do.  Then, I get to lay down all day and take a nap while they work to buy me treats, food, and special things.  They put blankets on me so I will keep warm. They even give me a bath and wrap me up in a towel.  Do the People even have this?  No, not unless they are Royalty.  The dogs have figured out what the People think is special, and we make them do this for us.  In return, we love them and thank them by licking their faces and slobbering all over them.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow, Snow, Go Away!

Look, I know the People love the snow.  Me, not so much.  Sure, it looks pretty.  It is fun to let the snowflakes fall on my head.  I also like to run and jump and play in the snow.  I have some friends who are Papillons, and they love the snow.  They run it, roll in it, and play for hours.  I have played in it with them for a while. I like it for about five minutes.  Then, my bones start to get cold.  It also makes me get dirty and my paws get cold and wet.  I like to stay clean and dry.

I don't enjoy going outside to do my business in the snow.  I have to sit down on a cold, wet ground.  Once again, my fur gets cold.  After my business is over, I jump on the door and let the humans know I am ready to come in.  I go right to my warm blanket.  I pull the blanket over me with my teeth and take a nap for a few hours.  In fact, I am starting to feel very sleepy.

The only good part about the snow is that I get to wear my nice looking coats and sweaters.  I wear them and make sure I go show the ladies.  Still, I can only stay out for a few minutes.  The ladies will have to wait until it is warmer, though.  It's nap time now.

Friday, January 7, 2011

This is My Chair!

The Mommy has a big comfy chair in the living room.  She sits in it a lot and thinks it is her chair.  I have news for her!  It is my chair.  I just let her sit there because I like her.  What can I say?  She gives me food, pets me a lot, gives me T-R-E-A-Ts (yes, I know that spells Treats, but don't tell her I know).  Also, when she sits in the chair, I can snuggle up to her and she keeps me warm. 

Still, the people cannot figure out it is my chair.  When they sit in the chair, I even try to push them over until they give me room to sit down.  When they get up and leave, I lay on it.  When they come back, I roll over on my back and do the "pet my tummy" bit.  They fall for it every time!  They forget all about sitting in my chair and just pet me.  Then, they ask me if I want a Treat!  I'm telling you, I am a really smart dog!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm Cute and I Know It!

I have heard comments all my life, "Oh, he is so cute", "Oh, what a nice looking dog," "Oh, he is so handsome." My response...I know.  I do my best to look good.  Every day, I get up and do a morning stretch.  Then, I make sure I get plenty of beauty rest in the form of a nap in the morning.  In the afternoon, after I am done chewing on my bone, I lick my fur and make sure it is all in place.  When I get a new sweater, I go outside to show it off to all the dogs and the people, too.  Of course, they all comment how good I look.  I do look good.

I know this because there is a mirror in our house.  When I was a mere pup, I used to bark at it and wonder where that other dog came from.  Now, I know that it is me.  Whenever I walk past the mirror, I check myself out.  I turn my head from one side and then to the other.  Yep, I am still handsome.  Yo soy muy guapo. Yes, ladies, I speak some Spanish, but I am fluent in the language of love.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome to "Oh, My Manny!"

This blog is the daily diary of our dog, Manny.  He is a 3-year-old rat terrier who resides in our home.  He wants this blog to be for dog lovers everywhere.  This is what Manny has to say about his day so far.

My name is Manny.  I like the girls.  The girls like me, too.  I am not picky about which girl dog I fall in love with.  I love them all.  My first girlfriend, Missy, was a black labrador who lived next door.  She was sweet and quiet.  I didn't know the name of my next girlfriend.  She was a beautiful white terrier who showed up at my door one day.  Then, there was Kathy.  She was about five times my size and had a lot of fur.  I didn't care.  I snuggled right up to her. 

Now, I am in love with the girl next door.  She is a black and white collie.  How I love her.  When she barks, it is like music to my ears.  I run to the window every day hoping to catch a peek of her.  If I hear her outside, I have to go outside, too.  I haven't seen her yet today, so I am running back and forth between all the windows hoping I will see her.  I know she will come out soon because I heard her lady come home.  If I could talk to her, I would say, "Hey, girl, I'm a lover not a fighter."