Sunday, February 26, 2017

Everybody Loves Me!

I know that everybody loves me.  The reason I know is that the Mommy tells me that they do.  She will say, "Daddy loves you, Mommy loves you, the Boy loves you, the dogs love you, even someone who doesn't like dogs loves you."  She says things like that to me all the time.  She is funny because she will say randomly nice things like that.  Like, sometimes when she gets mad and is yelling, she says something really nice to someone in an angry tone.  I try not to laugh, but it is funny.  Like one time, she was mad at someone and said, "How can you say you don't have any friends?  I would be your friend. You should have lots of friends!" That was funny.

The Mommy also tells me that I am the Cutest Cutie who ever cutied.  I love it when she says things like that.  I think she gets that from the Boy and the Daddy. They are always saying how handsome they are to each other, so she says that I am cute, too.  If I was a person, I would compliment the Mommy, but I can't talk. I have tried to talk before.  Sometimes, I can make my words sound like the People's words, but other times I really struggle.  It's hard for dogs to talk like people. I will try it again some time and put it on my blog.

As for the Mommy getting compliments, the People only compliment her when she does something they want.  It's not like, "I like your outfit" or anything just out of the blue.  They make her work for every little thing.  They like my dog blog, a lot. People tell her all the time that they like "Manny's blog".  I make sure to give the Mommy compliments by licking her face, snuggling with her in her chair, sitting on her lap, and showing her with my smile how much I love being around her every day. I love waking up and seeing the Mommy first thing in the morning, and I love so many things we do together.  When we are the park, I love being her "wing dog," so the People will talk to her and say how cute I am.  Of course, the Mommy loves to talk, so they end up talking up about other things than their dogs, too.

The Mommy also likes to dance with me a lot.  When there is a fun song on, she will pick me up and dance with me all around.  I love it!  It's my favorite when the Mommy dances with me.  Sometimes, she sings to me, too.  I just cock my head and listen to her all the time.  I love it when she sings to me, like I am the most important dog in the world.  She tells me a lot, too, that I am the best doggie who ever lived.  I know I'm not the best doggie who ever lived, but I love to hear the Mommy tell me.

She also does tell me that I stink sometimes, too.  Yesterday, she told me that I smelled like dirt and Doritos and poop.  I laughed.  I think it's funny when the People think that dogs are stinky. She calls me a Stinky Stinkerson when I smell really bad.  I think that I smell good.  The People put flowers on their skin to smell good. We dogs just roll in them.

She also calls me a Chubby Chubberson sometimes, too.  It doesn't hurt my feelings at all.  She will say, "No, Manny, you can't have a chip.  Look at you.  You are getting chubby.  You don't want to be chubby like Mommy."  Then, she will rub my belly, and scratch my neck.  I really love it when she scratches my neck. She does that because she knows she can get a smile from me every time. The Mommy is so funny with all the cute little names she calls me.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Mommy Takes Care of Me

Today, I have been mostly laying on my bed while the Mommy works on the computer.  The Mommy told me I needed to lay down because I had an icky tummy this morning.  I was sick, and she took care of me.  She always takes care of the Daddy, the Boy, and me when we are sick.

Because I am sick, I get special things.  Today, the Mommy fed me ice cubes out of her hands.  She also moved my bed to the kitchen, which is right by her desk.  Usually my bed is by the Mommy's chair in the living room.  My upstairs bed is by the Mommy's and Daddy's bed in their bedroom.  She also gave me rice.  Rice is easy on the tummy for dogs.  I am starting to feel better already.  I hope I can convince her that I am feeling better so she will take me on a walk today.

The Mommy also takes care of other dogs, and some cats, too.  Whenever dogs would get loose in our neighborhood, they would come sit by our back door.  The Mommy always said it was because of me.  She said that I had something special that made them to come to our house.  She is right.  I do have something special...the Mommy.  All the dogs and cats know that if they are sick or in trouble, they can come to the Mommy's side, and she will help them. Some dogs she would call their owners if they got sick.  Other dogs, she would walk them.

The other day, the dog next door got loose and followed the Mommy and I all over the neighborhood on our walk.  The Mommy kept walking toward our house, and the dog next door followed her. That's because that dog and I play together all the time. I guess some other neighbor called the dog catcher on my dog friend, though.  The neighbor lady blamed the Mommy and was following her in the middle of the street with her car.  That is weird! The Mommy didn't do anything like that.  The neighbor lady doesn't like the Mommy, though.

The Mommy has helped lots of dogs when they were sick, too.  One time, a dog was cut at his owner's house.  The owner lied and said he ran into a fence post.  I don't think that was true.  The dog walked right up to the Mommy, and the Mommy saw that he was bleeding.  She went to get someone to help her take him to the doggie doctor.  Then, the Mommy sat with the dog the whole time and covered his sore and made him feel better.  She let him know that someone cared about him and wanted him to get better.  The Mommy is really good like that. She lets people and animals know she is there for them.  It's weird, though, not that many people are there for the Mommy.

The Mommy also used to have cats.  She doesn't talk about it to me a lot because she doesn't want me to get jealous.  The cat was sick and the Mommy had to take her to the kitty doctor.  The cat had to have all these tubes and needles stuck in her.  She stayed at the kitty hospital for two days.  The third day, the Mommy went to visit the cat, and the doctor called the Mommy when she got home.  The kitten died when the Mommy left.  She loved the Mommy so much she just wanted to be with her, and she was broken hearted when the Mommy left her at the kitty hospital. She was so sick, she just wanted the Mommy to take care of her.

I know how that cat felt. I love having the Mommy around. I love having the Mommy take care of me.  She is so good at making everyone feel better.  It's like I get better in a day every time, and then I am back to myself.  Because of that, I am not scared when I get sick any more.  I know it will be over soon, and I will back at the park playing with my dog friends.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sometimes....I Cry!

Dogs get sad sometimes, too.  I don't get sad very often because I have a super awesome life.  Still, sometimes I cry.  I am mostly sad when the People leave me alone when they have to be gone all day or if I get something in my paw.  I also cry sometimes if I see the People are sad. I can't let them cry all by themselves.

I mostly cry when the People are gone for a really long time to work.  The Mommy used to be gone for hours a day.  She would leave in the morning, and then she wouldn't come back until late at night. Some nights, it was dark when she came home. I would always be waiting for her by the screen door looking out.  I would stand there waiting for her.  She would walk in with a big smile and be so happy to see everyone.  She said that it was the best time of her whole day when she went to work...coming home to see us.

Now, the Mommy is home almost all the time.  She works at home.  I know some people think that means that she is a housewife.  She works part-time and  full-time.  Like, I mentioned before, though, she also writes for me, and she writes for something else, too.  She also does this other computer work. She cooks and cleans and does all kinds of chores.  I know the Mommy really misses going to work. She talks about it all the time.  She doesn't like being at home all the time, but I like her being here. Then, I am not so lonely during the day. When she would go to work, I would hide under her desk and wait for her to come home.  Now, I hide other places.

Since we live with neighbors all around us, even on other sides of the wall, it can get noisy for me. Some of the People's voices I don't like. I really like the little kid neighbors.  I don't play with them, though.  I guess some times little kids are scared of dogs.  I like to hear kids play.  When they get mad and cry, though, it hurts my ears.  Then, I start to howl, too.  I can hear the kids from far away, so I start crying and howling.  The Mommy tells me to "Stop!" If she thinks I am really sad, she will come pick me up and say, "Oh, Manny! It's okay. Everybody loves you."  After that, she will hold me really close and sometimes dance with me and sing me a song.  I feel better in a few minutes, and I jump out of her arms and am ready to play again!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

A Dog's Point of View About A Dog's Purpose

The Mommy and the Daddy went to see the movie, A Dog's Purpose.  I didn't get to go to the movies because they don't let dogs in.  I think that is the first thing that I think is wrong with the movie. When the movie is about dogs, they should let the People take their dogs.  I know I would have been hugged a lot and been given lots of treats after that movie. The Mommy said she cried big tears in the movie at least three times.  I don't blame her. We dogs can be very touching and special animals.

When the Mommy, and the Daddy read the book, A Dog's Purpose, I read it, too.  It was one of the first books I read with the Mommy.  It was so special because that's when I decided I loved reading.  I would put my paw up on the page and look at the words with her.  When she would tell about what she read, I would nod my head, and say "yes that is what it was about." The Mommy and the Daddy cried when they read the book.  I think they didn't even realize they were crying, but they were. That's why the Mommy took tissues in her purse before she even went to the movie.  She knew she would cry.

The movie, like a lot of movies, was different from the book.  I don't remember the Daddy being mean in the book.  I do remember the Todd boy being mean.  They also spent more time on the Bailey dog than I remember in the book.  In the book, the part that made the people cry was when the German Shepherd saved the kid from drowning.  That dog was a hero.  I think the movie should have spent more time talking about what a hero dogs are.  Dogs are big heroes in the lives of other dogs, and even the People's lives.  If dogs could talk, the People might be surprised by what we would say.

That's another thing I didn't really like about the movie. I  didn't like the voice they gave Bailey, the dog. That's not what dogs sounds like when they talk. Dogs sound more like kids, and they are more excited.  That dog sounded like an old dog who was tired and telling his story while he was laying on his front porch in between his twentieth nap of the day.  Dogs are more excited in life than that.  They talk more upbeat, and they are more excited about things.  That voice they gave Bailey was tooooo slooowwww.  I bet Bailey was like most dogs, including me, and he would have talked like every day was the best day of his life.  At least, that's the way I think.  I think every day is the best day of my life.

Mostly, I really liked the movie because it's about dogs.  I do want to say that I think it was a really mean thing that someone did to try to keep the movie from being successful.  They made up a lie that someone hurt a dog when making the movie.  Then, there was an investigation by the People, and they found out someone made it all up.  I guess there are more People in the world like Todd than we realize.

Overall, A Dog's Purpose was a really good movie. And, if you asked me which dog I am most like, I would say most of them. I know what it's like to be taken away as a puppy, I know what it's like to be with a family, I know what it's like to be a hero, I know what it's like just to have a normal every day life, and I know what it's like to find the People who will always love you in their hearts.