Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tricks and Treats

I decided I had to write something today since it is HOWL-O-WEEN!  Otherwise, known as Tricks and Treats Day!  I really do not see what is so special about today.  I have to do tricks for treats every single day.  Just now, I barked at a stranger, and the Mommy gave me a treat.  I also get treats if I jump, do a twist, say "yeah", shake hands and shake my booty.  Those are my tricks.  I have some other tricks I do, too, but the Mommy doesn't give me treats for those.  When I'm hungry or thirsty, I lick her hand.  And, I sit on her lap and toot when I have to do my business.  That's my way of saying, "Hey, let me out, Lady!"

I have a really cute costume ready for Tricks and Treats, too.  It's a jockey riding me. I have the picture here to show you. So, I'm going to be a horse!  It's funny because I am a little rat terrier.  Ha! Ha!  The Daddy helped me pick it out.  The Mommy wanted me to be a cow because of my black and white spots.  I like the horse better.

I really want to write more because a lot has happened since I wrote last time.  But, I'm getting distracted.  I can't wait to see the kids in their costumes.  One year, a little girl had on the same costume as the Mommy. The Mommy had on a black sweater and scarf for her work clothes, and she was holding me when she opened the door.  The little girl had on the same outfit and had a little dog in her purse.  It was so funny!  I had no idea I was that famous!

I better get going.  Happy Tricks and Treats!