Saturday, April 30, 2016

Dogs are Tree Snugglers

Yesterday was Arbor Day. I really didn't know that it was about trees, until the Mommy told me that it was. I didn't plant a tree yesterday, because it was raining.  I already have lots of trees in my yard, though.

There are two really big trees in my front yard.  Those trees are taller than the house where I live. They are very tall. The squirrels jump around their branches all the time, trying to show off. I sit there and watch the squirrels to see if they will fall.  No such luck. The trees in my front yard drop nuts on the ground, too.  I like the nuts and eat them sometimes.  The Mommy doesn't like it when I do that. So, I hide them behind my chair or in different places in the living room until she finds them.

The big trees in my front yard also have really big leaves. In the summer, they make great shade and are nice and green. When it starts to get cold outside, they fall on the ground. Then, the wind makes the leaves pile up by my back door where I go potty. When the Mommy opens the door to let me go potty, some of the leaves blow in the house.  I see her sweeping them up with this thing called a broom. I like the broom.  It makes a swoosh, swoosh sound.

The tree I like best, though, is the tree in my back yard. Everyone at my house calls it the "Manny Tree". That's because I like to run around it, chase rabbits near it, and stop and look at its branches. And, I do my business on it. Yes, that's right, dogs pee on trees. It's a different tree from the ones in the front yard. This one is pointy on top and its leaves are green and pointy. It is green all year long.

What I love to do most with my Manny Tree is lay under its branches and snuggle up to the trunk. It's surprisingly comforting. I love laying on the grass under its shade being protected by its branches. Sometimes, I see Grey Cat sitting there in my spot. I don't like it when Grey Cat sits there.  When I see any cat sitting in my spot under my Manny Tree, I go up and pee on it.  That way they know that's where Manny lays and plays.