Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sleeping In

I know the People like to sleep in.  I really don't like to sleep in that much. I like to get up early. I love waking up in the morning and hearing the birds chirping. I can't wait to get outside and start running after them. They fly away because they are scared.  It's funny. I am on a leash, and the little birds think I am going to catch them. I have come face to face with  bird once. I didn't do anything. I just smelled it's feathers. It smelled like chicken.

I also am really excited for the mornings because that's when I first get to see the People. Last night, I was allowed to sleep upstairs with the People. There was a big thunderstorm coming, and the Mommy and the Daddy were worried I would be scared. They let me sleep on  big blanket on the floor that has a picture of a dog on it. The picture of the dog tells me that blanket was for me.

When I woke up today, I went over to the Mommy's side of the bed and started walking in circles, making noise with my collar. She didn't wake up right away, so I let out a big yawn. Then, she opened her eyes. I go to the Mommy's side of the bed, because the Daddy won't wake up. He likes to sleep in. The Mommy doesn't care as much. I think she likes the morning almost as much as me.

When the Mommy opened her eyes, I put my paws on her side of the bed and started giving her my cute doggy eyes. She pet me and said, "Hi, Manny." I was like, "Lady, I need to go outside, and I need some food." I let her know this by walking back and forth to the door and licking her hand. Licking her hand is my way of telling her to feed me.

As soon as she opened the door, I went running down the stairs to go outside. Guess what? The sun was shining and the grass was wet from the rain.  It was a great day to be outside in the morning. I loved it. I didn't even bark or cry to go back inside. After I was done doing my business, the Mommy let me back inside. She gave me a treat to warm up my tummy, and then she gave me water and my dog food. I ate my breakfast, and now I'm ready to get on with my day. My plans are to eat, sleep and play.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday is Store Day

I was so excited when I woke up this morning because I know that Saturday is Store Day. The Mommy and the Daddy go to the store on Saturdays.  Whenever, they come home, I get some kind of treat.  Saturday is one of my favorite days. Of course, I like, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, too.  Actually, almost every day is my favorite day.

Today, though, the Mommy went to the store to get the People breakfast.  They eat eggs, bacon, cereal, juice, donuts, toast, potatoes, and all kinds of delicious things. I usually do not get any of the breakfast food.  The Mommy says it is in my list of no-no foods. Sometimes, though, the Mommy makes me a Manny pancake.  It is a delicious.  It is my a doggy sized pancake, and then she puts peanut butter on it. It is so good that I gobble it right up.  Then, I give her my cutest dog eyes and beg for more.  She laughs at me and says, "No, Manny, that's enough."

I love watching the Mommy put the food away from the Store, too.  That way I know where all the best food is. She puts most of it in this big thing called a refrigerator.  Sometimes I try to look in there, but I usually can't see around the People. I know that if I get a treat from the refrigerator, though, that it is something really special. The People also put my treats on top of the refrigerator, and that means that they are something extra special for me to eat.

The People get excited for store day, too, because they know there will be something really good to eat.  I learned to always thank the Mommy for making me me my breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  I tell her thank you with my eyes, or by walking up to her and snuggling by her. She always says, "You're welcome," like feeding me is no big deal.  But, eating is one of my favorite things in life...after napping, going on walks and chasing butterflies.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

It's The Daddy's Birthday!

Today is another special day! It's the Daddy's Birthday! I love it when it is the People's birthdays. Everyone is laughing and excited, and they always have really good food to eat. Yum!

I love the Daddy.  He is my favorite. Well, the Mommy is my favorite, too. We do all kinds of fun things together, and we always have a good time.

What makes the Daddy so great? I will tell you. First, he works at this place called a restaurant. When he comes home, he smells like all kinds of different foods.  He smells delicious. I am always looking for food when he comes home.  Just thinking about how good he smells when he comes home from work is making me hungry.

Also, whenever he comes home from work, he always says, "Manny!" like he has been waiting all day long just to see me.  Then he pets me and gives me a treat and calls me his Little Buddy.  That makes me feel really special. At night, he lets me come sit by him on the couch on the Daddy's chair.That's how I know I am super important to him. He lets me share his chair. I put my head on his lap and he rubs my belly.  The Daddy is the best.

The Daddy plays with me a lot, too.  He plays wrestling with me.  The Mommy doesn't play that game because she doesn't like playing rough. What happens is, the Mommy holds me on her lap, and the Daddy and I play.  I bat my paws at him like I am Kung Fu Manny. Then he taps my paws with his hands. I pretend to growl. It's not a real growl, though.  It's a "I'm having fun growl." I do the same growl when we are playing Rope. When I am tired of playing, I yawn at him, and he stops playing with me. Usually the Daddy and the Mommy laugh when I do that.

The Daddy also takes me running with him sometimes. I love that, too, because I get to run fast. Then, he takes me to the dog park where I can run really fast with the other dogs. The Daddy is a lot of fun.

Best of all, when the Daddy is not home, he lets me lay in his spot. That makes me feel super special like I am the best dog in the world. In fact, the Mommy and the Daddy both always tell me, "You are the best doggy ever."

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mommy's Day!

Today is the day called Mother's Day.  It is supposed to be a special day for the Mommy. She deserves a special day. She does a lot of things for me, and other People. Every morning, she wakes up and makes breakfast. Sometimes, the Daddy eats breakfast, too. It depends on whether or not he has to go to this placed called WORK. I don't like the place, WORK.  It doesn't sound fun. But, the Mommy has WORK, too, at her desk.  I like it when she works, because she is very happy when she is working.

She also does the laundry. She also cooks other meals, like dinner.  That's my favorite meal! I love dinner time because that's when maybe I get a little piece of cheese or meat from the table. Some times I get apples or potatoes, too. There are times I ask for certain foods, and the Mommy says, "No, Manny. That's a no-no food for you." That means the food isn't good for me to eat.  Grapes and avocados are no-no foods for me.

That's another thing the Mommy does. She looks after everyone to make sure they are healthy. She makes tea and coffee for the People when they don't feel good.  If they start sniffling, the Mommy starts really cleaning the house. She puts blankets on them when they are sleeping, and she makes special meals when they don't feel good. She does the same thing for me. The Mommy makes me eat rice when my tummy hurts.  Then, when it feels better, she puts some chicken in it. Yummy! She also gets out the lemon smelling rag and starts rubbing it on the counters and the door handles when the People don't feel good. Then, she washes my blankets in the living room (everyone uses them, but I say they are mine.) Next, comes my least favorite - the vacuum.

After that, the Mommy usually lays down on the couch or even sits at the dinner table and listens to everyone talk about their day and their problems. Even me. Sometimes, I howl or bark to try to communicate with the Mommy. Other times I give her clues by licking her hands or licking my paws or looking at the door. She is really good at understanding everything about me. I feel bad some times because the People around me aren't very good at talking to the Mommy or listening to her. That's why when it's just us, the Mommy talks to me and tells me her problems. I am a really good listener. I even tilt my head back and forth to let her know I am listening.  Some times, I move my ears. Other times, I sit by her chair, just to say I am here for you.

I think the Mommy is really great, and I am so glad there is a special day to celebrate her and thank her for everything she does for me.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I Am A Good Friend

You know how everyone calls dogs man's best friend. Well, we are every one's best friend. I am the Mommy's best friend. I don't really give her a choice. I am always there every day to love her and make her feel happy about the world.

Here is what I do to make her my friend. First, if she sitting by herself, I go sit with her. If she is watching TV, I watch TV. I have to admit, though, that I really like watching TV...even if the Mommy isn't around. When the Mommy wakes up in the morning, I greet her. If the Mommy is sitting at her desk too long working, I go get her. I tap her arm with my paw until she pays attention to me. If I want the Mommy to come sit with me, then I go get her and walk back and forth between the living room and the kitchen until she sits with me. If the Mommy is happy, I let her hug me. In case you didn't know, dogs only let people they love hug them. If the Mommy is sad, I lick her face or do something funny to make her laugh.

I am a great friend. Every day I do my best to be the best friend to the People. I consider being their friend and living in their house my most important purpose in life. They are good friends to me, too. They always tell me how much they love me, and they even tuck me in at night. In fact, I am waiting to be tucked in pretty soon. I lay down on the couch one of my blankets, I put my head on a pillow, and then the Mommy pets me and says, "Nightie Nights, Manny. Everybody loves you." Of course, they do. That's probably why I love everybody, too.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy May Day!

Today is the first day of May. I am so excited. Even though I am a dog, I know that May is special. First, it means there are a bunch of flowers to look at and play with.  I love flowers. I like to put my nose in them and be funny. I love the way flowers smell, too. If we have them in our yard, I lay on my back and roll in them, so I can smell pretty, too.  I should confess that I roll in other things that don't smell pretty, also. Then, the Mommy tells me I stink, and I have to have a bath.

This is such a perfect day for May Day, too.  The weather is not too hot or too cold. It's just perfect. I can lay on my blanket with the window open while the Mommy drinks her coffee and works. If I get too cold, I can go snuggle on her lap.  Wonderful.

To me, May Day is the official beginning of spring. I know that it is spring time in April, but I don't like April as much because of the rain. Some times when it rains, there is thunder. Thunder is scary. When it rains really hard, it hurts my doggy ears, too. Let's not forget I have to do my business outside, and I get all wet when I go potty. April is not my favorite month.

I also love May because the People start going outside, playing, laughing, riding bikes, and walking their dogs. Then, I get to see all of my doggy friends from the neighborhood walking by my house. Then, I can bark to them, "what's up?"  Some of them bark back to me. Others walk by like, "Manny, I'm busy." I do the same thing to them, though. I feel super special when I get to go for walks around our neighborhood and see all of the other People and my doggy friends.