Sunday, December 18, 2016

Mother Nature is Mean!

I heard there is a Mommy that is bigger than all the Mommies in the world.  Her name is Mother Nature.  She is the Mommy over the whole entire earth!  That is a big deal.  She is in charge of all of the animals, the forests, the trees, the grass, the butterflies, and the weather.  I always thought she was a nice lady, but today I think she is mean.

Here is why Mother Nature is mean.  Last night, when I went outside to go potty, it was snowing really hard.  It was blowing right in my face. They look like little snowflakes to the People, but they were big to me. Some of those snowflakes hit me right in the face.  I had to keep blinking just to keep the snow out of my eyes.  The ground was getting frozen, too.  It was so cold.  That's one time I really hate being a dog...when I have to do my business outside.  Fortunately, I was able to get nice and warm and toasty by the fire when I came in.  The Daddy is amazing and makes fires in the fireplace. I love the fires.  I sit in front of them and get all warm.  In fact, right now, I am watching him make one.

This morning, Mother Nature was even meaner.  She must have been in  really bad mood last night.  I waited to go outside to potty until really late, and it was super cold outside.  The ground was frozen and the Mommy at my house said the temperature was below zero.  I'm not really sure what that means, except that it's so cold that my fur was getting frozen when I went potty.  There was snow on the ground so my paws got wet.  I was shaking so bad that I could hardly go to the bathroom.  The Mommy set a timer for 2 minutes on the clock to make sure I wasn't outside very long.  I came back inside before the 2 minutes were even up.  It was scary cold.

Mother Nature must be feeling a little better today, though.  The sun is starting to shine and everything looks pretty again.  No more sideways snow blowing in my face.  That was mean.  I think she gets unhappy because sometimes people forget that Mother Nature is in charge of the earth, and they don't take care of what she gives them.  I like all the trees and flowers, and snow, too....especially when it starts melting!

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Neighborhood Dogs

I am so lucky! I have so many great dogs that are neighbors. I  like the other dogs who live on our street.  There are a lot of cute little dogs.  One ran right by our door one day.  The Mommy saw her run by, and the Mommy followed her all the way up the street to see where she lived.  The other People said the Mommy is a good neighbor.

We have some good neighbors.  A lot of them have dogs, and I am friends with the dogs.  I pretty much like all the dogs in our neighborhood.  I even played with big dogs, like a labrador.

Some of the neighbors don't have dogs. Sometimes, little kids will try to pet me.  They always tell the Mommy that I am cute. When they come up to pet me, I hide behind the Mommy.  I admit I am kind of scared of little kids.  If they are really careful and the Mommy shows me they are safe, I will let them pet me.  Little kids can be scary to me because I don't know what they are going to do. If they move really slowly and are gentle, I know that I can trust them.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Think Like a Dog!

The other day I heard this song playing on the radio, and they kept saying "Walk Like a Man."  I thought it was silly.  What else is a man going to walk like if he doesn't walk like a man? A cat? A squirrel? A rabbit? The People are weird sometimes with the things they say and do.

Here is one thing that the People do all the time. The People use their computers for work and for fun and to send messages with each other.  I think it is cool that they can use their computers to work and to send messages back and forth.  We dogs do that, too.  It's just that our communication styles have been developed over thousands of years, so people don't understand it as quickly.  Sometimes, I communicate with the neighbor dog just by the way I lift my leg when I pee.  Or a little sniff I give her.  I communicate with the cats with a look or a nudge of my head.  I hate to say it, but cats are smart, too.  But, we dogs are a lot better communicators.  We can even understand human-speak and try to make our communication match theirs.  That's how smart we are.

Anyway, back to what I was saying about the computers.  The People use them all the time.  The Mommy uses her computer all the time.  She even uses it to help me write this blog.  She works on it a lot of hours during the day, too.  She sits at her desk.  Sometimes, I hit her hand or arm with my paw and say, "Play with me, not the computer." Sometimes, I come sit by her.  I think she is lonely, so I go sit by her.  That's one way people need to think more like dogs.  If they see someone else sitting by herself, they should go sit by her.  The People don't want to admit it, but they are pack animals, too.  Just like us dogs.  None of the People likes to be alone.  That's why they have cities and houses to live in.  They need to be together.

The People use their computers to play, too.   I have a Twitter, and my dog friends are never mean to me. Everyone just plays and has fun.  My Twitter is @MannyRatTerrier. Some dogs tell about their troubles, and some doggies share pictures, and some doggies just talk.  But, we all get along.  The People need to think and act more like dogs.  They shouldn't be mean to people on Fakebook and the Twitter.

I heard some of the People even try to pretend to be other People.  That's weird to me.  I could never pretend to be another dog.  All dogs have their own special smells.  So, let's say one of these two schnauzer brothers from down the street try to trick me, I won't be fooled.  I will know which one is which just by sniffing him.  Sometimes, you can smell them even if you don't get close.  The People are the same way.  They have their own smells.  And, just so the People know, they stink a lot, too. They use so many perfumes, and they all get mixed together. Then, they eat food.  The People are weird.  I have to admit, though, I would like to smell like bacon more.  And, I like to roll in the grass to get the grass smell all over me.  Then, the Mommy says, "Oh, Manny! You stink!" I just do my little doggy laugh.

I could go on and on and talk about how the People should think more like dogs.  But, I've already had my "Hello, World" wake up time and ate my breakfast.  That means it's time for my morning nap.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Car Rides

It's starting to get cold out, so I haven't been for as many car rides.  I used to go for a lot of rides in the Mommy's car.  She has something called a Pontiac.  It is a big car.  I like it because I have lots of room in the back seat where I can lay down.  I try to be a good dog and lay there, but I can't resist putting my head out the window.

When the Mommy takes me to get my doggy bath, I get to go for a car ride.  I get to go at least every six weeks.  Then, I put my head out the window and let the wind blow me in the face.  It is so much fun.  I put my paws up on the window, and I stick my head out a little.  All the People driving by smile at me.  I can hear them saying sometimes, "Look at that cute little doggy."

We used to take car rides to the dog park, too.  The Mommy only takes me there some times.  If she takes me to get exercise, she likes to go for exercise, too.  That is why she usually takes me to the park.  We went to the park today.  It was windy and chilly.  I'm glad that I had my fur to keep me warm. Still, I couldn't wait to get home and snuggle up with my blanket and my toys.

The Mommy says she may not have the Pontiac for much longer.  She says she is going to buy herself a new car this year.  The Daddy wants her to get something called a Nissan, but she doesn't know what she wants yet.  I just know that I want to be able to go for rides in it.  When the Daddy got his new car, I wasn't allowed to ride in it as much.  He said he was worried that I would get hairs on it. So, I mostly go for car rides in the Mommy's car now.

Whenever I go for car rides, I feel very special.  I know that something special is about to happen for me.  We used to go for long car rides to Iowa to see the Mommy's Mommy and Daddy and their dog, Bubby.  Bubby went to the Rainbow Bridge, though, and I don't see him any more.  We don't go to Iowa, either, for some reason.  Now, I mostly go to the groomer with the Mommy and sometimes she will drive me to the park.  She loves having me around and she calls me her Best Friend.  I'm glad because the Mommy is my best friend, too.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thanks for Turkey Day is Coming!

I am so excited.  One of my favorite holidays is coming up this week.  It's called Thanks for Turkey Day!  I love it so much.  I know it's coming because I saw the Mommy coming back from the store with lots of groceries.  They were the special kind of groceries, too.  I kept sitting there waiting for my treats, and she said, "No, it's not for  you, Manny."  That was my clue, too.  She gets me treats a lot.

What happens on Thanks for Turkey Day?  I will tell you.  First, the Mommy gets up early in the morning.  She gets up early every morning, but she also gets up early on Thanks for Turkey Day. First, she makes some kind of special breakfast.  This year she is going to make banana pancakes with chocolate chunks.  At least that's what I have decided.  I will get my own Manny pancake, but it can't have any chocolate in it.  The Daddy maybe will have some, too.  He has to go to work on Thanks for Turkey Day.  I guess some people like to eat at a restaurant instead of staying home.  I wish they would stay home, so the Daddy can be home with me and my Family.

After breakfast, the Mommy likes to watch this big parade. It is on the TV.  The parade has all kinds of things like singing, dancing, people playing these big horns, horses, and even these giant animals floating through the sky.  The giant animals are kind of scary if you ask me.  One of them is black and white dog like me.  They say he is over 40 stories high.  Oh my goodness!  I hope he never tries to get me.  I might have an accident.  The Mommy loves this parade, and that's is what gets her all excited for Thanks for Turkey Day.

Some time during the parade, the Mommy starts her Thanks for Turkey Day cooking.  This is my favorite part!  I love it when the Mommy cooks.  I always stand right by her just in case she wants to give me a taste of...just about anything.  The Mommy cooks all kinds of yummy foods. She cooks bread, potatoes (I can eat those), cranberries, green beans (never tried one), pineapple, cheese ball, desserts, and, of course, turkey.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!  Sometimes, I get a special treat on Thanks for Turkey Day because the Mommy feels guilty.  She thinks I should get something because the People all get to eat something special.

After all the cooking, the People all get together and eat.  Some years they eat at our house, and then some years they go to other people's houses.  I have been to their houses before, too.  I like their houses.  Before they all eat, they say Thanks for Turkey and other things they are thankful for. I don't know how they do it, because I would be thanking for hours.  I guess, though, I am mostly thankful for the Mommy, the Daddy, my yard, my animal friends, and all of the hugs and kisses and love I get every day.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dingus Jones 00Bones

I have a secret to tell you.  I have a secret identity.  In my spare time, I am a detective.  My name is Dingus Jones 00Bones.  I solve mysteries with clues I sniff out with my nose.  Being a cute little white dog is just my cover up.

This week, I am investigating the Case of the Missing Bone.  The Mommy gave me a bone for a special treat, and it went missing.  I am on a mission to discover where it is hidden, who hid it, and why.

I first looked in the chairs in the living room.  Sometimes, I hide the bones there, because the People would never think to look where they sit.  Except, sometimes, the Mommy and Daddy sit on the bone, and they say, "Manny!" Then, they put the bone in my toy basket.  I looked in the toy basket, and the bone was not there.

Then, I looked behind the chairs.  Sometimes, I put my bones there.  The Mommy usually leaves them until she runs the big scary vacuum that makes a lot of noise.  When she vacuums, she finds my bones and my other toys that are hidden.  She usually puts them back in my toy basket.  If they are really old, though, she throws them in the trash.  I sniffed the trash can and no bone.

Other times, I will hide my bone underneath my bed.  The Mommy made me a bed out of memory foam and she made the cover of it with her own two hands! The Mommy is really smart and can do lots of really neat things.  Sometimes, I put my bone under my bed like I am playing the Prince and the Pea.  I turned my bed over with my nose, and the bone wasn't there, either.

Then, I went upstairs and looked in the Mommy and the Daddy's bedroom.  I like to take my toys up there, too.  That way I know that they are very safe.  I put them by my blanket or behind the big chair. I looked there, and there was no bone.

I went back downstairs and started sniffing around the living room.  I knew the bone was there.  But, where was it.  I couldn't see it anywhere.  Then, the Mommy came in the living room and sat down in the chair to read a book.  I remembered where I put it.  It was UNDER the Mommy's chair.  I solved the mystery. And, I got a tasty treat when I solved it!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Do Dogs Get Bullied?

I heard that for the people it's something called National Bullying Prevention Month. I guess the People get bullied a lot.  Sometimes, the People forget that animals get bullied, too.  I can tell you that, for me, it's not easy being a little dog.  It can be a little bit scary at times.

A couple of weeks ago, a big German shephard came into my yard.  He walked right up to the back door.  The People were moving furniture, and he came right into my house!  I was so scared, I hid under the table.  I was really worried because he was about ten times my size, and he had two other German shephard friends.  Fortunately, his little boy owner came and got him, and he went home.  It was actually pretty funny seeing a little boy leading away a great big German shephard.  Don't worry. I didn't get hurt. The other dog was mostly just sniffing me.

I've had other times where I got bullied, too.  Some cats tried to get on my turf.  One of them even came in my house and tried to play with my toys.  I told him to hit the road by nudging him with my head.  Who does that cat think he is!  I'm pretty cool around cats, but cats cannot play with my toys that the Mommy and the Daddy bought just for me.  No way! I'm not even allowed to take the toys outside.  Whenever I try to take a toy outside, the Mommy tells me to put it down.  So, when I get to the door, I drop the toy out of my mouth and leave it there.  Sometimes, I leave the toys there or by my food bowl.

Another time I got bullied was at the dog park.  It was my first time there, and some of the big dogs started chasing me.  There must have been like ten of them.  I was a young pup then, so I was able to outrun all of them.  They gave up, and then they decided I was cool and left me alone.  I still go to the dog park sometimes, and the other dogs think I am cool.  One time, I jumped on a three feet high platform.  I was pretty proud of myself.  The other dogs were like, "Hey, did you see that little white dog jump that high! Wow!"

Mostly, though, I have a lot of animal friends, and I get along with any animal that wants to be friends with me.  Well, except squirrels.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

I'm Smart Too!

A lot of people come up to me and say, "Oh, Manny, you are so funny.  I love your blog. I like following you on Twitter." I just smile and say, "I know."  The Daddy is always telling the Mommy that he likes my blog.

I have a secret to tell you.  The Mommy is the real one who writes for me.  Her name is Jeanette. She is so funny and smart, too.  She can tell just what I am thinking, and she loves to tell about everything I am doing.  I am her favorite pet! I know because I also am the only pet, too.

The Mommy is really smart.  She went to school a lot of years after high school. She reads a lot and studies just for fun. She is always learning new things and coming up with new ideas every day.  The Mommy makes sure she learns all kinds of things about life.  She even gets up early so she can study when it is quiet.  She reads a lot of books about a lot of different things.

The Mommy tells me I am smart all the time, too.  I try to be.  I learn lots of tricks like "shake my bootie", "twist", and "jump." I know to put my toys down by the door before I go outside.  I also know what the Mommy's signals mean, like tapping her leg or the side of the couch mean for me to come. Sometimes, she only has to snap her fingers and point.  Without her saying anything, I know exactly what she means.

I saw on TV and on the internet that Rat Terriers are really smart dogs.  We are easy to train.  That is true.  I will do just about anything, except roll over.  I don't like to roll over.  That's what all dogs do. I have to do something different.

I study hard every day, too.  When the Mommy reads or watches TV, I try to read what she is reading. She spends a lot of time on the computer, though, doing her work.  Sometimes I sit on her lap while she is doing it.  It makes me smarter, because I can see what she is doing.  When she works too long, though, I put my paw on her hand and say, "Pay attention to me, not the computer."  Sometimes, she will say, "Mommy's busy." If she isn't busy, she will take a break and play with me.

I am hoping I can be as smart as the Mommy someday and get a masters in something.  I think mine will be a Masters in Cuteness. So, then I will be Manny, MC.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Mornings with the Mommy

It's Monday morning, and I get to spend time with the Mommy. It's so quiet on Monday mornings. I do whatever the Mommy takes me to do.  Today, I woke up and went downstairs with the Daddy.  As soon as the Mommy woke up, though, she gave me a treat.  She always does that.  Then, she let me outside to go potty.  I went outside, but I stayed close to the house because it was raining.

When I came back inside, she gave me my breakfast.  She puts a little bit of cheese on it so that I will it. I am so picky that I won't eat my breakfast otherwise.  I like things the way I like them. I guess it's because I am a spoiled-y-kins, as the Mommy likes to say.

Then, I like to go take a nap. Sometimes, the Mommy tucks me in my blanket with my toy.  It's so awesome and snuggly.  She calls me her furry child. It's funny I keep calling her the Mommy, though, because I am now older than dog years that is. I am now 56 years old.  It's funny. I still feel like a puppy most days.

Since it's raining today, I will probably stay inside and take a lot of naps.  Maybe the Mommy will turn the TV on for me later. I love to watch TV, especially any shows with dogs in them or animal planet.  My favorite shows are about dogs.  When they use fake dog barking on TV, I can tell. When they use a real dog bark, I perk my ears up and do a little "woof".

The Mommy sits at her desk working and writing. In case you didn't know, she is my ghost writer. She also does a lot of reading and cleans the house.  During the school year, she makes breakfast and dinner every day.  For lunch, she usually makes herself leftovers.  Sometimes, she sits out on the patio with me in the sunshine.  Not today though. Today it is raining, and I am sleeping and snuggling.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Happy Birthday to the Mommy!

It's the Mommy's birthday! I have to write about it, because I think she is the best thing ever. This is one of my few chances that I get to tell the whole world how much I love the Mommy and how great she is.

What makes the Mommy so great? First of all, she is the one who takes care of me. She takes care of me every day. She wakes up in the morning, gets out of bed early, and takes me to go potty. When she lets me in, she gives me a treat to warm up my belly.  She remembers that it was a lot of hours ago that I ate last. That is why she gives me the treat. Then, she makes sure I have food and water. Sometimes, she makes me a special breakfast. She will make me a Manny pancake, so I can eat what the People eat. I like them best when she puts peanut butter on them. They are so yummy!

She understands that then I need to take a nap because my belly is full. She lets me sleep and relax. If I sleep too much, though, she comes in and plays with me. She will pick me up and hug me, too. Sometimes, she dances with me in the living room and sings songs to me. She talks to me a lot, too. I try to talk back to her and say different things, and she laughs.  I love listening to her laugh and making her smile.

The Mommy also takes me on a lot of walks. She takes me to the park and sometimes she takes me for car rides. We go on long walks together. She makes sure I get plenty of rest when we are walking outside when it is hot. She even brings along a water bottle so that I can get a drink. The Mommy squeezes the water bottle, and I drink the water just like the People do when the water comes out of the drinking fountain. The Mommy is so smart that she figured out that I could do that. She really understands me.

The Mommy takes really good care of me, too. Whenever I have a boo boo or a sick tummy, she takes care of me. One time, I was really naughty and ate some candy. I was really sick. The Mommy stayed up with me all night long to make sure I was healthy again. A couple of days later, I was the same old Manny. The Mommy even looks up special things to feed me on the internet, and she does her best to try to figure out what I am trying to tell her. For example, she knows that when I lick her hand that means I am hungry.

The Mommy is one of my favorite People in the whole wide world, and I am so glad she gets to have a special day. Happy Birthday to the Mommy!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Park Is My Place

Yesterday, I got to go for a walk with the Mommy, and she took me to the park. I love the park! It is my special place. Every time I go there, I meet a new friend, see a new butterfly, or find a new area to sniff.  Going to the park is the best.

Whenever I go to the park, I am pretty friendly to the other dogs. I see them on their leash, and I nod my head at them.  It's like they are saying, "So they let you out of the house today, too, I see."  The other dogs sniff back. A lot of them will pull on their leash so that their owners will stop and let them play with me. Sometimes the owners let them play with me for a long time.  We will sniff at each other, play bark, and even roll in the grass together.  There is hardly a dog I have ever met that I didn't like. I don't care what size a dog is, I can be friends with them. Big dogs, little dogs, long hair, short hair, young, older, I like almost all dogs. Still, there are a few dogs I can tell right away that they are not nice. They act a certain way or do mean things or my instincts tell me there is something wrong. When I see those dogs, I either stay away from them, start barking at them, or pull on my leash to tell the Mommy, "let's go".

When the Mommy and I start walking again, I quickly forget about the doggy and move on to the next thing.  Usually, it's sniffing a new spot. It seems like every few feet at the park there is something new to sniff.  I can smell other dogs, cats, rabbits, food, people, rain....all kinds of interesting smells are there! I even have stopped to sniff sticks to see if another dog was playing with it.

One thing I don't do when we go to the park is walk through water puddles or the mud. I don't like getting dirty paws.  That's the worst.  When the mud dries, it gets stuck between my toes, and the Mommy has to clean it out for me.  That hardly ever happens, though. I like to stay out of the mud, too, because I don't want my beautiful white fur to get dirty. If you have been paying attention, you know I always like to look good.

Monday, July 11, 2016

I Have A Job, Too!

The People are always talking about going to work or working. Today, though, the Mommy is on this thing called vacation. I guess that means she doesn't have to work at her desk, but she still does all the other work that the Mommy usually does. Except, today, she actually took a nap with me in the afternoon.  Taking naps with the People is the best! I get to snuggle up by their legs, and we have a snore fest. Then, we both wake up and yawn at the same time. I usually win the yawning game because my yawns are the biggest and the longest!

I guess I can say that I "work" too. I protect the People by barking at strangers who come to the house. I also am their therapist that they tell their problems to. And, I am a comedian sometimes and make them laugh. I also have this blog that I write in all the time. Trust me, it's a lot of work to come up with these ideas some days. Other days, my life is pretty exciting, so it comes easier to me.

I also have this job of being friends with the neighborhood animals. Don't tell anybody, but I am the dog who watches over a bunch of cats in our neighborhood. I watch the cats playing outside. If I hear any other dogs barking or growling at them, I give them a bark back or a Manny look. Then, they stop. Actually, one day there was a kitten on our back patio. Another cat was hissing at the kitten. I stood up for the kitten to the other cat, and the other cat just looked at me and walked away. Everyone was happy and played together after that.

I will say that I do not work too hard at being friends with squirrels. I can't be friends with everybody. Plus, their high pitched squeakity squeak bothers me. They also think they are so cool running up and down the trees. I just roll my eyes at them and say "squirrels, you bore me with your silliness." Then, I do my job of snuggling with the Mommy or the Daddy.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Daddy's Day!

Today is one of the best days of the year because it's Daddy's Day! I get to celebrate the Daddy and tell him how I great I think he is. In case you didn't know, he is pretty awesome. That's where I get my awesomeness.

I want to tell you about the day I first met the Daddy. It was his idea to get a He took the Mommy to a farm.  When they got to the farm, Daddy said that the first puppy that came up to him would be his new puppy. I saw the Mommy and Daddy, and I went up to them right away. I could tell that they would love me better than anybody. The Mommy even sat down on the floor and played with me and my brother. The Mommy wanted to get us both, but the Daddy said no. He was only getting one puppy that day. I was the lucky puppy!

The people from the farm gave the Mommy and Daddy some papers, and the Mommy and Daddy took me home with them. I rode home on the Mommy's lap and Daddy drove the car. Back then, I didn't know how special car rides were, so I didn't like it. I was really scared. That was the day they adopted me. I am so special to be adopted and have the People choose me to be part of their family.

When we got home, they had all kinds of special toys and dog things for me. Then, I got to become part of their family. They all love me so much, it's hard to say which one I love the best. But, even the Mommy admits, that I would not have blessed them with my presence if it wasn't for the Daddy.

Today, on Daddy's Day, I want to thank the Daddy for giving me a special home where I am loved and hugged a lot.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

My Basket of Toys

I have a whole basket of toys in the living room.  I like to play with them all the time. In the basket are tennis balls, bones, my "babies"...which are once-stuffed dolls, and squeaky toys, too. My favorites are the tennis balls, bones, and my babies.

Whenever I want to play with one of my toys, I walk over to the basket and pick it out with my mouth. Sometimes, one of the other toys are on top of it, so I have to move the other toy out of the way first.  If I can't do it by myself, then I get the Mommy to help me.

I like playing with the tennis balls a lot. I toss them up in the air with my mouth, and then I try to catch them.  I usually miss.  Other times, I will push it with my feet and chase it. I also like to throw it across the room with my mouth, and then I run and get it. The Mommy thinks it is super funny. It's funny, until she has to get it from behind the furniture. Then, she doesn't like that. I do throw it behind the furniture sometimes so she will play with me.  It's more fun to play with your toys if you have someone playing with you.

Of course, I love playing with the bones, too.  I mostly chew on those.  Sometimes, I share them with the People.  Then, the People pretend like they are eating the bones, too.  It is funny. I like when they do that, because I feel like they understand me. Also, I get to share something with them. At night, I will put my bone on the Mommy's blanket so she knows she is as important to me as my bone.

At night time, I also like to sleep with one of my babies. They used to be stuffed toys, but I took the stuffing out.  I do that when I am acting ferocious. I show those toys who is the dog boss! I also take out the squeaker right away, because it is annoying to my little dog ears. I don't think dog toys should have squeakers in them. After the stuffing and the squeakers are out, the toy is perfect for me to play with. I can hug my babies, carry them in my mouth, and even pretend they are part of my group, too.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sleeping In

I know the People like to sleep in.  I really don't like to sleep in that much. I like to get up early. I love waking up in the morning and hearing the birds chirping. I can't wait to get outside and start running after them. They fly away because they are scared.  It's funny. I am on a leash, and the little birds think I am going to catch them. I have come face to face with  bird once. I didn't do anything. I just smelled it's feathers. It smelled like chicken.

I also am really excited for the mornings because that's when I first get to see the People. Last night, I was allowed to sleep upstairs with the People. There was a big thunderstorm coming, and the Mommy and the Daddy were worried I would be scared. They let me sleep on  big blanket on the floor that has a picture of a dog on it. The picture of the dog tells me that blanket was for me.

When I woke up today, I went over to the Mommy's side of the bed and started walking in circles, making noise with my collar. She didn't wake up right away, so I let out a big yawn. Then, she opened her eyes. I go to the Mommy's side of the bed, because the Daddy won't wake up. He likes to sleep in. The Mommy doesn't care as much. I think she likes the morning almost as much as me.

When the Mommy opened her eyes, I put my paws on her side of the bed and started giving her my cute doggy eyes. She pet me and said, "Hi, Manny." I was like, "Lady, I need to go outside, and I need some food." I let her know this by walking back and forth to the door and licking her hand. Licking her hand is my way of telling her to feed me.

As soon as she opened the door, I went running down the stairs to go outside. Guess what? The sun was shining and the grass was wet from the rain.  It was a great day to be outside in the morning. I loved it. I didn't even bark or cry to go back inside. After I was done doing my business, the Mommy let me back inside. She gave me a treat to warm up my tummy, and then she gave me water and my dog food. I ate my breakfast, and now I'm ready to get on with my day. My plans are to eat, sleep and play.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday is Store Day

I was so excited when I woke up this morning because I know that Saturday is Store Day. The Mommy and the Daddy go to the store on Saturdays.  Whenever, they come home, I get some kind of treat.  Saturday is one of my favorite days. Of course, I like, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, too.  Actually, almost every day is my favorite day.

Today, though, the Mommy went to the store to get the People breakfast.  They eat eggs, bacon, cereal, juice, donuts, toast, potatoes, and all kinds of delicious things. I usually do not get any of the breakfast food.  The Mommy says it is in my list of no-no foods. Sometimes, though, the Mommy makes me a Manny pancake.  It is a delicious.  It is my a doggy sized pancake, and then she puts peanut butter on it. It is so good that I gobble it right up.  Then, I give her my cutest dog eyes and beg for more.  She laughs at me and says, "No, Manny, that's enough."

I love watching the Mommy put the food away from the Store, too.  That way I know where all the best food is. She puts most of it in this big thing called a refrigerator.  Sometimes I try to look in there, but I usually can't see around the People. I know that if I get a treat from the refrigerator, though, that it is something really special. The People also put my treats on top of the refrigerator, and that means that they are something extra special for me to eat.

The People get excited for store day, too, because they know there will be something really good to eat.  I learned to always thank the Mommy for making me me my breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  I tell her thank you with my eyes, or by walking up to her and snuggling by her. She always says, "You're welcome," like feeding me is no big deal.  But, eating is one of my favorite things in life...after napping, going on walks and chasing butterflies.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

It's The Daddy's Birthday!

Today is another special day! It's the Daddy's Birthday! I love it when it is the People's birthdays. Everyone is laughing and excited, and they always have really good food to eat. Yum!

I love the Daddy.  He is my favorite. Well, the Mommy is my favorite, too. We do all kinds of fun things together, and we always have a good time.

What makes the Daddy so great? I will tell you. First, he works at this place called a restaurant. When he comes home, he smells like all kinds of different foods.  He smells delicious. I am always looking for food when he comes home.  Just thinking about how good he smells when he comes home from work is making me hungry.

Also, whenever he comes home from work, he always says, "Manny!" like he has been waiting all day long just to see me.  Then he pets me and gives me a treat and calls me his Little Buddy.  That makes me feel really special. At night, he lets me come sit by him on the couch on the Daddy's chair.That's how I know I am super important to him. He lets me share his chair. I put my head on his lap and he rubs my belly.  The Daddy is the best.

The Daddy plays with me a lot, too.  He plays wrestling with me.  The Mommy doesn't play that game because she doesn't like playing rough. What happens is, the Mommy holds me on her lap, and the Daddy and I play.  I bat my paws at him like I am Kung Fu Manny. Then he taps my paws with his hands. I pretend to growl. It's not a real growl, though.  It's a "I'm having fun growl." I do the same growl when we are playing Rope. When I am tired of playing, I yawn at him, and he stops playing with me. Usually the Daddy and the Mommy laugh when I do that.

The Daddy also takes me running with him sometimes. I love that, too, because I get to run fast. Then, he takes me to the dog park where I can run really fast with the other dogs. The Daddy is a lot of fun.

Best of all, when the Daddy is not home, he lets me lay in his spot. That makes me feel super special like I am the best dog in the world. In fact, the Mommy and the Daddy both always tell me, "You are the best doggy ever."

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mommy's Day!

Today is the day called Mother's Day.  It is supposed to be a special day for the Mommy. She deserves a special day. She does a lot of things for me, and other People. Every morning, she wakes up and makes breakfast. Sometimes, the Daddy eats breakfast, too. It depends on whether or not he has to go to this placed called WORK. I don't like the place, WORK.  It doesn't sound fun. But, the Mommy has WORK, too, at her desk.  I like it when she works, because she is very happy when she is working.

She also does the laundry. She also cooks other meals, like dinner.  That's my favorite meal! I love dinner time because that's when maybe I get a little piece of cheese or meat from the table. Some times I get apples or potatoes, too. There are times I ask for certain foods, and the Mommy says, "No, Manny. That's a no-no food for you." That means the food isn't good for me to eat.  Grapes and avocados are no-no foods for me.

That's another thing the Mommy does. She looks after everyone to make sure they are healthy. She makes tea and coffee for the People when they don't feel good.  If they start sniffling, the Mommy starts really cleaning the house. She puts blankets on them when they are sleeping, and she makes special meals when they don't feel good. She does the same thing for me. The Mommy makes me eat rice when my tummy hurts.  Then, when it feels better, she puts some chicken in it. Yummy! She also gets out the lemon smelling rag and starts rubbing it on the counters and the door handles when the People don't feel good. Then, she washes my blankets in the living room (everyone uses them, but I say they are mine.) Next, comes my least favorite - the vacuum.

After that, the Mommy usually lays down on the couch or even sits at the dinner table and listens to everyone talk about their day and their problems. Even me. Sometimes, I howl or bark to try to communicate with the Mommy. Other times I give her clues by licking her hands or licking my paws or looking at the door. She is really good at understanding everything about me. I feel bad some times because the People around me aren't very good at talking to the Mommy or listening to her. That's why when it's just us, the Mommy talks to me and tells me her problems. I am a really good listener. I even tilt my head back and forth to let her know I am listening.  Some times, I move my ears. Other times, I sit by her chair, just to say I am here for you.

I think the Mommy is really great, and I am so glad there is a special day to celebrate her and thank her for everything she does for me.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I Am A Good Friend

You know how everyone calls dogs man's best friend. Well, we are every one's best friend. I am the Mommy's best friend. I don't really give her a choice. I am always there every day to love her and make her feel happy about the world.

Here is what I do to make her my friend. First, if she sitting by herself, I go sit with her. If she is watching TV, I watch TV. I have to admit, though, that I really like watching TV...even if the Mommy isn't around. When the Mommy wakes up in the morning, I greet her. If the Mommy is sitting at her desk too long working, I go get her. I tap her arm with my paw until she pays attention to me. If I want the Mommy to come sit with me, then I go get her and walk back and forth between the living room and the kitchen until she sits with me. If the Mommy is happy, I let her hug me. In case you didn't know, dogs only let people they love hug them. If the Mommy is sad, I lick her face or do something funny to make her laugh.

I am a great friend. Every day I do my best to be the best friend to the People. I consider being their friend and living in their house my most important purpose in life. They are good friends to me, too. They always tell me how much they love me, and they even tuck me in at night. In fact, I am waiting to be tucked in pretty soon. I lay down on the couch one of my blankets, I put my head on a pillow, and then the Mommy pets me and says, "Nightie Nights, Manny. Everybody loves you." Of course, they do. That's probably why I love everybody, too.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy May Day!

Today is the first day of May. I am so excited. Even though I am a dog, I know that May is special. First, it means there are a bunch of flowers to look at and play with.  I love flowers. I like to put my nose in them and be funny. I love the way flowers smell, too. If we have them in our yard, I lay on my back and roll in them, so I can smell pretty, too.  I should confess that I roll in other things that don't smell pretty, also. Then, the Mommy tells me I stink, and I have to have a bath.

This is such a perfect day for May Day, too.  The weather is not too hot or too cold. It's just perfect. I can lay on my blanket with the window open while the Mommy drinks her coffee and works. If I get too cold, I can go snuggle on her lap.  Wonderful.

To me, May Day is the official beginning of spring. I know that it is spring time in April, but I don't like April as much because of the rain. Some times when it rains, there is thunder. Thunder is scary. When it rains really hard, it hurts my doggy ears, too. Let's not forget I have to do my business outside, and I get all wet when I go potty. April is not my favorite month.

I also love May because the People start going outside, playing, laughing, riding bikes, and walking their dogs. Then, I get to see all of my doggy friends from the neighborhood walking by my house. Then, I can bark to them, "what's up?"  Some of them bark back to me. Others walk by like, "Manny, I'm busy." I do the same thing to them, though. I feel super special when I get to go for walks around our neighborhood and see all of the other People and my doggy friends.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Dogs are Tree Snugglers

Yesterday was Arbor Day. I really didn't know that it was about trees, until the Mommy told me that it was. I didn't plant a tree yesterday, because it was raining.  I already have lots of trees in my yard, though.

There are two really big trees in my front yard.  Those trees are taller than the house where I live. They are very tall. The squirrels jump around their branches all the time, trying to show off. I sit there and watch the squirrels to see if they will fall.  No such luck. The trees in my front yard drop nuts on the ground, too.  I like the nuts and eat them sometimes.  The Mommy doesn't like it when I do that. So, I hide them behind my chair or in different places in the living room until she finds them.

The big trees in my front yard also have really big leaves. In the summer, they make great shade and are nice and green. When it starts to get cold outside, they fall on the ground. Then, the wind makes the leaves pile up by my back door where I go potty. When the Mommy opens the door to let me go potty, some of the leaves blow in the house.  I see her sweeping them up with this thing called a broom. I like the broom.  It makes a swoosh, swoosh sound.

The tree I like best, though, is the tree in my back yard. Everyone at my house calls it the "Manny Tree". That's because I like to run around it, chase rabbits near it, and stop and look at its branches. And, I do my business on it. Yes, that's right, dogs pee on trees. It's a different tree from the ones in the front yard. This one is pointy on top and its leaves are green and pointy. It is green all year long.

What I love to do most with my Manny Tree is lay under its branches and snuggle up to the trunk. It's surprisingly comforting. I love laying on the grass under its shade being protected by its branches. Sometimes, I see Grey Cat sitting there in my spot. I don't like it when Grey Cat sits there.  When I see any cat sitting in my spot under my Manny Tree, I go up and pee on it.  That way they know that's where Manny lays and plays.