Friday, October 28, 2011

Visit to the Store

By the title, you are probably thinking I got to go to the store today.  No such luck.  I actually had to go home while the Mommy went to the store today.  She bought all kinds of food.  I love it when she brings the food home because it smells really good.  I know she bought bacon and fish.  I could smell it.  Even Missy Meow Meow could smell it.  I said I would tell her when the Mommy cooks the fish.  Also, usually when the Mommy goes to the store, I know there is a treat in there for me.  I can usually smell my treats right away.  Sometimes, I will help the Mommy get them out of the bag by sticking my nose in it.  There are a lot of great treats that come from the store.  I wish I could go to the store sometime.

The Mommy did take me to a store called PetSmart once.  They let dogs and cats in there.  It was really great!  There were all kinds of toys, treats, and pretty much everything a dog could want.  They even had shirts, coats, and dog deodorant!  It was great.  I was super excited.  Unfortunately, when I get too excited, I have to go potty a lot.  I pretty much did my business in every aisle of the store.  The Mommy had to clean it up.  She hasn't taken me back to the store in a while.  She said I was too excited last time.  I do want to go back there, though.  I want to tell the other dogs, "Manny was here!"

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Halloween Costume

Hey, I'm sorry I have been really busy lately.  I am having a really hard time trying to decide what to be for Halloween.  I have a few ideas.  First, I thought I could be a Dog Groomer.  I could wear a little shower cap, have a loofah, and throw a towel over my shoulder.  One of my other ideas is to be a soccer ball.  When I lay down and roll up really tight, I look like a soccer ball.  The People could draw the lines on for me.  Another idea I have is to be a cow.  I could put on some fake ears and some utters, and I would look like a miniature cow....especially with my black and white stripes.  I also thought about being a Dog Divo...not a diva...a divo.  I'm a boy dog after all!

I am getting really excited for Halloween!  I can feel the People are getting all excited, too.  They are carving pumpkins, buying candy, and talking about parties and costumes.  My favorite part is all the candy.  Sometimes, the People forget and leave the candy out.  I run up and gobble it right up before they even notice.  I know not to eat the chocolate, though.  It's bad for dogs.  But, oh, I love how chocolate smells!  I do love the sweet taste of candy!  I also like Trick or Treat.  Now, I have to do a trick for a treat.  On Halloween, I don't even have to do a trick.  I just get Treats!  Yum! Yum!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Designer Dog

Okay, I want to address the whole issue with people dressing their dogs. I know there are some people always complaining about it. I'm here to tell you, I like it. I love my little sweaters. They keep me warm when I have to go outside.  Plus, I can put my sweater on and go out and style it for the other animals in my neighborhood. Everyone is like, "you look good, Manny." Of course, I respond back, "I know.  I always look good."

I also have a raincoat, a hoody, and a sports shirt. The sports shirt is for when I exercise. I like to exercise a lot. I will sometimes even chase my ball around the house just for an excuse to exercise. Sometimes, I run along the back of the couch.  The People think it is really funny! 

Oh, I also have a Halloween costume. It is a skeleton. Missy Meow Meow said that I should go as a cat. I think she has fur balls in the brain. I can't betray dogs like that! I don't know if I could even be another animal. I love myself too much! Let's face it, I'm pretty amazing.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's Finally Fall

Hey everybody!  It has been so warm where I live this year.  Today, it finally feels like fall.  I was able to put my sweater on.  I know some dogs are embarrassed by having to wear sweaters or other clothes, but I like it.  I would much rather have a sweater on or my raincoat on than be cold or wet when I am doing my business outside.  I want the People to get me some shoes, too.  The bottom of my feet get cold.  I put them under the pillows or the blanket to get warm.  I like it when it gets a little colder, too, because then I have an excuse to take a nap.  I do enjoy taking naps.

The only part I don't like about Fall is that I don't get to see my other little dog friends as much.  They aren't playing outside as much, and neither am I.  There is a little kitten around my house that I have made friends with.  Her name is Missy Meow Meow.  I know the other dogs are probably thinking, "Manny, You're a Traitor!"  But, I'm not.  Missy Meow Meow is not like other cats.  She is cool.  Trust me, there is bad luck black cat that comes around here.  I don't care what his name is because I just bark at him.  He doesn't need to be hanging around my door.  Missy Meow Meow, though, brings her toys over for me to play with, and stands up at the corner of the door and window and plays peek a boo with me.  She is pretty fun for a cat. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

How to Hide A Bone by Manny the Dog

The other day, I heard the people talk about eHow and how you can look up anything on there.  I don't think I saw anything to teach dogs how to hide their bones.  Listen, I am a master at hiding my bone.  Sometimes, I can't even find it.  Today, I got a new bone, and I hid it several places before I decided on one. 

The first trick to hiding your bone is to pick a good spot.  Location, location, location.  Earlier today, I tried to hide my bone by sitting it on the couch next to all the pillows.  The Mommy saw it right away and started laughing.  So, I moved it to under the pillows.  That leads me to my second trick.  You want to hide your bone somewhere that you can get to it pretty easily.  I was able to get to the bone, but all the pillows kept falling on my head.  After that, I tried to hide the bone under the blanket.  That didn't really work too well, either.  The blanket would move when I would lay down, so I decided to change the location.  I moved the bone to the kitchen and hid it under the rug.  Okay, that brings me to my third point.  Make sure that it is not obvious you hid your bone there.  You could really tell the bone was under the rug.

I did finally find a place to hide my bone.  I can't tell you where it is, because then you will know.  But, I did hide it somewhere only I can go and it will be just for me.  The People haven't even found it.  I just hope I can find it next time I am ready to chew it.