Monday, March 7, 2011

I Look Good!

This weekend, I had my bath. I am now going to tell you a secret.  Please don't tell the other dogs.  But....I like having a bath.  It's awesome!  I get carried upstairs, the Mommy runs warm water in the bathtub, and I get to stand in it like I am a person.  That is so cool!  Then, the Mommy takes a pitcher and pours the water all over me.  It feels so good.  Then, she puts some soap on me and massages me all over my body.  I love it!  Then, after the bath, she wraps me up in a towel and carries me around the house and treats me really special.  I get a special treat, and everyone wants to be around me. 

I do roll around and sniff around the house, though.  One of the soaps smells like trees, which I do not like.  I can't understand why anyone would want their dog to smell like a tree.  Listen, I am a dog, not a plant.  I also have heard that the People put tree scented hanging things in their cars.  Why?  The cars not made out of wood, either!  I think that is so weird!

When I was done with the bath, I had a chance to look at myself in the mirror.  And, I have to tell you that I am really handsome.  In case you didn't know, I am one good looking dog. The girls think so, too.  Every time after I have a shower, I have to go out and show the ladies.  Yesterday, the dog next door was outside.  She was like, "Wow, Manny, you are such a good looking, dog." I was like, "I know, girl. I look good."