Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Daddy's Day!

Today is one of the best days of the year because it's Daddy's Day! I get to celebrate the Daddy and tell him how I great I think he is. In case you didn't know, he is pretty awesome. That's where I get my awesomeness.

I want to tell you about the day I first met the Daddy. It was his idea to get a He took the Mommy to a farm.  When they got to the farm, Daddy said that the first puppy that came up to him would be his new puppy. I saw the Mommy and Daddy, and I went up to them right away. I could tell that they would love me better than anybody. The Mommy even sat down on the floor and played with me and my brother. The Mommy wanted to get us both, but the Daddy said no. He was only getting one puppy that day. I was the lucky puppy!

The people from the farm gave the Mommy and Daddy some papers, and the Mommy and Daddy took me home with them. I rode home on the Mommy's lap and Daddy drove the car. Back then, I didn't know how special car rides were, so I didn't like it. I was really scared. That was the day they adopted me. I am so special to be adopted and have the People choose me to be part of their family.

When we got home, they had all kinds of special toys and dog things for me. Then, I got to become part of their family. They all love me so much, it's hard to say which one I love the best. But, even the Mommy admits, that I would not have blessed them with my presence if it wasn't for the Daddy.

Today, on Daddy's Day, I want to thank the Daddy for giving me a special home where I am loved and hugged a lot.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

My Basket of Toys

I have a whole basket of toys in the living room.  I like to play with them all the time. In the basket are tennis balls, bones, my "babies"...which are once-stuffed dolls, and squeaky toys, too. My favorites are the tennis balls, bones, and my babies.

Whenever I want to play with one of my toys, I walk over to the basket and pick it out with my mouth. Sometimes, one of the other toys are on top of it, so I have to move the other toy out of the way first.  If I can't do it by myself, then I get the Mommy to help me.

I like playing with the tennis balls a lot. I toss them up in the air with my mouth, and then I try to catch them.  I usually miss.  Other times, I will push it with my feet and chase it. I also like to throw it across the room with my mouth, and then I run and get it. The Mommy thinks it is super funny. It's funny, until she has to get it from behind the furniture. Then, she doesn't like that. I do throw it behind the furniture sometimes so she will play with me.  It's more fun to play with your toys if you have someone playing with you.

Of course, I love playing with the bones, too.  I mostly chew on those.  Sometimes, I share them with the People.  Then, the People pretend like they are eating the bones, too.  It is funny. I like when they do that, because I feel like they understand me. Also, I get to share something with them. At night, I will put my bone on the Mommy's blanket so she knows she is as important to me as my bone.

At night time, I also like to sleep with one of my babies. They used to be stuffed toys, but I took the stuffing out.  I do that when I am acting ferocious. I show those toys who is the dog boss! I also take out the squeaker right away, because it is annoying to my little dog ears. I don't think dog toys should have squeakers in them. After the stuffing and the squeakers are out, the toy is perfect for me to play with. I can hug my babies, carry them in my mouth, and even pretend they are part of my group, too.