Monday, February 28, 2011

Manny the Menace

I admit it.  Sometimes, I am a trouble maker.  I take my ball and throw it at the People if they do not play with me.  I will put it in a corner where I cannot reach it on purpose, so they will have to get up and get it for me.  I will drop my ball in their laps when they are taking naps, and I am ready to play.  I will stand and stare at them until they get the message that it is play time!

One time, the People bought me an unstuffed elephant.  That was pointless.  I ripped out the squeakers (I hate those things!) and then whatever stuffing the elephant had.  Then, I showed that elephant who was boss.  Within a couple of hours, that elephant was toast.  I was upset, though, that the Mommy threw it away before she went to bed.  That made me mad.  I went to my bed and pouted.  Then, I threw the ball at her.

Today, I ripped the end off my Kong.  That will teach them to go away and then try to make me happy when they come home by giving me treats.  They stick the treats in there like they think they are being funny.  Now, the treats will just fall out for me to get them.  Much better that way.  It was no match for Manny the Menace! I am one amazing little dog!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Dog Do's....

Hey Manny fans!  I am so sorry I haven't written for a while.  I was getting sad because my girlfriend wasn't coming out to play.  That...and it has been super cold!  I have been focusing on sleeping in my blanket and snuggling with the People.  I keep hoping for Spring time!  That is the time that the dog's world really gets exciting. 

You know, we dogs have our own culture...just like all the different cultures the People have.  Our culture is most evident in the Spring and Summer.  We go out, walk around, strut our stuff, show off for the girls, the girls show off for us, and we run around the yards.  We also let the cats know that we are around and not to mess with our turf.  It's like Dog Side Story. :-)

The other day, I saw a Robin...that's a bird.  He was in the yard by himself.  His other bird groupies weren't with him.  See, birds have their own culture, too.  They don't want to be standing alone, so they hang out together.  Anyway, when the dogs see them standing there, we know that we can chase after them. When my girlfriend is around, I really try to show off for her and chase some birds around.  She is like, "Oh, Manny, you are so fast" and "You really scared that bird".  I am like, "I know, Girl, let's rub noses." 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Strut My Stuff

Hey, everyone!  I am so happy today.  It is finally getting warm out today.  The snow is melting, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping.  I am so excited to get outside after having to snuggle in my blanket so much this winter.  When I get outside, I am going to play in the grass, run in the sun and bark at the birds.  Sometimes, I chase the birds, but not too much.  Then, I would have to run into the neighbors' yards, and I get yelled at to come back home.  The People start sounding worried, so I make sure that I stay by my house.  I love the People.  I especially love them on warm days, because they take me for walks.

Today, I just know the Mommy is going to take me for a walk.  She is going to get my leash out of the closet.  The People keep it there with my sweaters and t-shirts.  Every time they open the door, I am hoping to go for a walk.  Sometimes, the People put on their jackets and shoes, but I have to stay home.  Today, I will be putting on my t-shirt and showing it off to all the girls in the neighborhood!  I am going to go out to see and be seen.  I can see what is happening in the world, let other dogs know I am around by doing my business by the mailboxes and also walking down the street.  I always hold my head up high because I know I look good.  And, I want everyone else to see how good I look, too....especially the girls.  Hey girls, I may be a small dog, but I have plenty of love to go around.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hey Everyone!  I'm back.  I know all of my fans really missed me.  I have to admit, I have been busy snuggling in my warm blanket the past few days.  It has been super cold.  Yesterday, I went to look for my girlfriend, the Collie, so we could snuggle and keep warm.  I went outside her door and started howling at her.  Just when I thought she was answering me, the Mommy told me to come back inside.  That's all right, I will see her more when it gets warm. 

I did get a chance to go check out my handy work as Ice-Manny (remember the Superhero).  It turns out this time that there was a lot of snow, and not as much ice.  So, I may be changing my Superhero name to Snow-Manny!  There is so much snow, that the snow is now taller than me.  Sure, it's not that hard, because I am a rat terrier.  I may be small, but I  have a lot of love to give!  I just had to throw that one in there for the ladies.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice, Ice, Manny!

Why is there more snow!?  I thought I told the People I did not like the snow, now there is even more of it.  It is more than I have ever seen before.  There is so much, that I have to do my business right outside the door.  When they let me outside, I look at them like, "You have to be kidding me!"  They are calling it a blizzard!  I have seen Blizzards before, and I thought they were ice cream, not snow!  I tried to make a snow angel today, but my legs won't go like that.

The one positive thing about it is that I can pretend that I am a superhero, conquering the world through my snow and ice powers.  Whenever someone does something I don't like, I can bark and make it snow more.  I do a dance and say "I am the Ice, Ice-Manny".   Clearly, my powers are increasing.  I have teamed up with my other superhero friend, El Nino. Look at how much we can do together.

I will say that I did eat some of the snow that fell today.  It was really tasty.  I liked it.  But, I was sure not to eat the yellow snow!  Ewww!