Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm Still Here

Hi Everybody:

I wanted to let you know that I'm still here.  Tonight, I am laying on my big brown pillow, watching the Celebrity Apprentice.  I don't have anyone special that I want to win.  Of course, I support anyone who supports animals. We are so cute and cuddly.  I had an exciting day today.

First, I provided my daily Manny Ministry.  Next, I gave hugsies and kisses to the Mommy and Daddy.  Then, I showed them how exciting it is just to wake up every day and say "Hello World"!  I played with my friend next door, Missy Meow Meow.  I still am friends with her, even though she is a cat.

I did get in some trouble today, though.  I went to visit my friends down the street without the Daddy's permission.  I was grounded for the rest of the afternoon.  But, the Mommy and Daddy still love me.  They gave me treats this afternoon, played with me, and put my favorite sweater on me.  The Mommy and Daddy even snuggled with me tonight.

I love my life, and I am happy to wake up every day to my Family.