Sunday, September 16, 2018

People Are Mean

I prefer dogs and sometimes cats over people. People just don't know how to act right. They treat other people bad. When I see one of the People treat another one of the People bad, I don't like that person right away. I really get tired of how the People treat each other, too.

I hear the People always talking about bullying and being mean to People. I see it all the time. The People love to bully the Mommy. They are so dumb that they think it is funny. They say that she "deserves it." I guess it is funny to them because they have their pack, and they are so full of meanness they don't want to let her in it. In the animal world, usually the person who gets picked on is someone who is stronger than the other animals. They call her names, they gossip about her behind her back, they say it's okay for People to be mean to her. What I think is funny is that they do all of these mean things to the Mommy, and then they go to this place called Church where you are supposed to learn how to be a good person. Some of the People, especially on the days they go to church, they are even meaner to the Mommy. It's like they held it in all day, then they have to let go of their meanness on someone. Some of the People are even mean at church, so I don't think they really care about God. They only care about themselves.

The Mommy spends a lot of time by herself  and with Mosie and I. She doesn't like having to deal with the mean People all the time. She makes herself do it, though. She is one of those People that they call an extravert. That means she likes to talk to people a lot. The Daddy would even make fun of her because she would always be making a new "friend" at the grocery store, the gas station, the park. She always is talking to somebody. Even the People she doesn't know. She likes to make People feel like they are valued in the world.

The mean People told the Mommy that her business is going to be a flop, that she is never going to sell a book, that no one is ever going to give her a job. One of the People is so mean that he pretended to be her friends for years, only to find out that he never liked her. He was only friends with her to make fun of her to other People. Dogs would never do that. We either like you or we don't but we don't spend our time going out of our way to be mean to people because someone else told us to. I'm a dog, and I was friends with cats. I wasn't pretending to be friends with the cats so that I could make fun of the cats to my dog friends. I was friends with the cats because I actually liked playing with them. I know I'm not supposed to like cats, but I do. They actually are pretty cool and fun. So, why would someone be so dumb and mean to pretend to be friends with someone they don't like? As a dog, I have a short life, so I don't really have time to waste doing things like that.

The funny thing is, if the People treated dogs the way they treat the Mommy or other People, then everyone would be mad at them. No one would treat a dog that way. No one would say that it was okay for a dog to get beat up by its owner (very bad person) and that it was the dog's fault. They wouldn't ask the dog what was wrong with it and why didn't it leave. No one would take food from a dog's bowl or keep it from eating, which is the same thing they do when they keep someone from making money to support their family. If a dog barks, the People understand what that means. No one would make fun of a dog for walking. In fact, most People stop and say hello to the dog. No one would tell a dog to leave the state, leave the country, or they wish the dog would die.

No good person makes fun of a dog for crying or trying to do tricks that no one else thought they could do. The People do that to each other, though. I don't understand the idea of telling someone they are "unloveable." I hope any People who think someone else is "unloveable" doesn't have a dog. Because if someone can't even love someone of their own species, how can they love a dog? I know I am just a little dog with a little brain, but I think treating someone bad because someone else told you to, is mean and dumb. Even with other dogs, I get to know them first. I sniff them and get to know them. I have hardly sniffed or played with another dog I didn't like it.

I think the real reason People are mean to each other is they don't like themselves very much. Some People just can never be happy with themselves, and they pick on People about the things they feel bad about themselves over. I know one of the People picks on the Mommy because she is smart and was good at school. The Man made up all kinds of lies about the Mommy and even lied and said she didn't do all of these awesome things. The reason he did is because he wasn't good at school, and he lied and cheated and accused other People of being mean to him. But, they weren't. He used it as an excuse to get away with doing bad things to other People and for getting bad grades. Every time he would do bad, he would be mean to the how he did bad was her fault. He did bad because he did bad things, and he didn't want to admit that it was his fault. So, he was a bully and was mean.

The People are really good about barking or peeing on someone that isn't like them, because the People never want to change. They want to find someone who is different than them or maybe that keeps going even when they are mean to that person. What's even weirder still is the People who teach kids not to be bullies, but they are really, really, really big bullies. They think that taking another person's dreams is good. If they did that to a dog, locked them up in a little cage, never let them run and play or chase butterflies, or be happy, the People would be in big trouble.

I love the Mommy. She is good. She makes me breakfast, she loves me, she cuddles me, she takes care of my sister, Mosie, and I. Other People don't like her because they made up their minds not to a long time ago. They think making the Mommy not talk to anybody, picking on her on Facebook, and telling her what she can and cannot say is funny. They sit there and laugh and laugh and laugh at her behind her back. They don't know what they are missing by being friends with her because they are too busy being bad dogs.

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