Monday, July 10, 2017

I Have A New Sister!

Hi everybody!  I have been super busy this month.  I got a new sister.  Her name is Mosie Moiselle. She came from a place called the shelter.  She was adopted by the Mommy and the Daddy.  When she first came to our house, she was really excited, but she also didn't feel good.  Right away, she had to get the spayed surgery.  She was sore and laid around a lot the first few days.  I thought, wow, the Mommy and Daddy got another dog who is good at napping like me.

Once she had her stitches out after the spayed surgery, I started seeing what she was really like.  She is  a lot of fun.  She and I play a lot.  I could play with her for hours.  I can hardly believe there was a time that I didn't have a sister.  I feel like it's my job to teach her the ways of our family and also to make her feel welcome.  She has been fitting right in, and we all love her a lot.

She and I share a lot, too.  I try to share my toys with her.  She will play with one end of my stuffed animal, and I will play with the other.  I try to play ball with her, but her mouth is too small to fit around it.  We run and play in the yard.  I think she is making me feel a lot younger.

Even inside, we play and do things together.  She eats out of my bowl, and I eat out of hers.  We know just how much the other dog needs to eat.  If we need to get the Mommy for anything, we both go together. She likes to be around the Mommy a lot, too.  I think it is because she and the Mommy are the only girls in the house.

Today, we saw a rabbit in the yard, and my new sister chased her out of the yard.  I think the rabbit was almost as big as Mosie!  It was exciting.  Mosie is kind of silly, though. She kept trying to chase the rabbit even after it disappeared under the fence.  After we were done playing, the Mommy took us in the house, and now Mosie and I are sleeping by each other on the couch.  I am so glad she came into my life!

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