Sunday, April 9, 2017

Cats At The Door

I think I have admitted before that I like cats.  I do.  I like them as long as they are not bothering me or interfering with my lifestyle.  They hang around me a lot when I go outside to go potty.  I think it's funny, because there is a chance they might get in the way of me going potty.  I go potty whether the cats are there or not.  Today, one of them walked right up to the door and was looking in at the Mommy.  It was a case of a peeping Tom Cat.

The cats in my neighborhood don't usually look in the back door at the Mommy. They usually hang out on the patio and sit on the Mommy's chairs.  One time, there was cats sitting in all the outside chairs the People usually sit in.  I started jumping on the door to let the Mommy know.  I wanted her to tell those cats that those were the Mommy's chairs.  I tried telling the cats, but they aren't very good listeners sometimes.

Lately, there are these cats that keep hanging out in the front yard by the front door.  That is where I draw the line.  I cannot have cats looking at the People and me in the front door.  By the front door is the place where we sleep and watch TV.  Sleeping and watching TV are two of my favorite hobbies, and I can't have cats interrupting me.  Also, the cats are blocking my view of the squirrels.  I have to keep my eye on the squirrels, too.  Some days, I swear the squirrels are throwing acorns at me on purpose.

When the cats come up to the door in the front, I look down and bark at them and tell them to go away.  Then, I start sniffing at the bottom of the door.  I am trying to make sure they aren't trying to sneak their cat paws under the door. Once those cats get a paw inside the door, they think they can bring their whole bodies inside the door.  I told the cats they cannot hang around the front door. The front door is the People door only.  The Mommy hardly ever lets me go out the front door, either, unless I am on a leash.

One time, I went one foot out the front door and was barking at the mailman, and the Mommy was standing right there.  I was standing right outside the house, right next to the Mommy, and one of the neighbors called the dog catcher on me.  I wasn't even a foot away from my front door! I thought that person was really mean. The neighbor dogs run up and down the street without a leash all the time. Those big German Shepherds come into my yard all the time, still, too.  I even saw the owner walking one of them without a leash down the street.  I don't think I was treated fairly.  At least I got to stay with the Mommy. That's another story for another day.

Anyway, if I can't go out the front door, then no cats can come in the front door. When I go out the back door, I am on my leash.  I am okay with that, though, because the Mommy makes sure I can move with the leash.  It isn't too restricting, but it keeps me in my yard.  When the weather is nice like today, the Mommy goes outside and plays with me while I am on my leash.  Sometimes, she sits on the patio in the chairs.  I jump on her lap, and she pets me.

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