Sunday, April 2, 2017

I Like Things Tidy

I have to admit, I like things a certain way.  The Mommy sometimes calls me an OCD dog.  I have to point out to her whenever anything is out of place.  The Mommy keeps things picked up around here a lot.  The Daddy and the Boy not so much.  The Mommy has to pick up after them, too. I help her, too, whenever I can by telling her something is out of place.

When the People take out the trash, they take the plastic bag out and then put it in the big trash can outside.  Sometimes, when the People come back in or before they leave, they don't put another plastic bag in the trash can.  Then, someone throws some trash in there, and it gets stinky really fast.  I notice because my doggy nose is sensitive to smells like that.  When I notice there isn't a plastic bag, I tell the Mommy.  I go pat her on the arm, and go sniff at the trash can and then go pat on her arm again.  She understands my hints like that.

Another thing I will do is tell the Mommy if there is a door that is open that shouldn't be open.  As a little dog, sometimes it isn't that safe for me to have doors open to closets or cabinets.  Like if the cabinet where the Mommy keeps my dog food is open, I tell her right away.  I don't want anyone else getting my dog food.  If the cabinets in the kitchen are open, I tell her, too.  I don't want to smell the cleaning supplies and looking at all the dishes just makes me think of food and makes me hungry.  I also tell the Mommy when the closet door where my leash and clothes are kept is open.  I go and sniff the door, and then I go walk up to the Mommy and nod my head.  That is my signal to her to follow me.  She follows me, and I sniff at the door until she closes it.  I'm glad she knows my signals, because when I sniff at the closed door and look over my shoulder at her, that is a hint to her that I want to go outside.

The Mommy is pretty easy going and doesn't mind that I give her hints.  I guess some People think it's funny to give mean hints about things that the Daddy and the Boy complain about.  They complain a lot and want the Mommy to do a lot for them.  I am with the Mommy all day, so I know that she can get really tired.  She does a lot every day.  Sometimes, the Daddy comes home and says "What did you do today?" The Mommy gives him a look like she is about to make him go to his bed or bark at him.  That's what I do when someone says something that upsets me.  I give them a look first put my back up, my head up and my ears up, then I start barking away.

I also tell the Mommy if I made a mess.  Like the other day, I was playing with Tommy Llama and his stuffing came out. I didn't mean to do it.  It was an accident.  Whenever I do something naughty, though, I tell the Mommy right away.  Then, she is usually less mad at me.  I jumped up and tapped her on her leg until she followed me, and then I walked behind her chair.  I showed her that the stuffing was all over the floor.  I gave her Tommy Llama and gave her my look that says, "Fix it, Mommy." After that, she lets me know that she understood, because she says, "Okay, Manny. Mommy will fix it."

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